College Admissions made Virtual - ZRMindz Global Technologies Introduces Virtual Admission Fair 2018

SI TeamIn order to enable people make ‘Smart Life’ decisions, ZRMindz Global Technologies, a tech company introduced Virtual Admission Fair 2018 (VAF 2018), where students can apply for admission right from the comforts of their home. Using VAF 2018, students can view colleges and their facility details, saving precious time and travelling expenses. Similarly, it is beneficial for colleges too, as they will be able to admit progressive students who can bring them the results they want.

VAF will act as a platform that can help students view numerous colleges, using live chat tools, a direct communication with college representatives of various streams can be made for students, each students favorite college, infrastructure, faculty, facilities can be viewed and stored and admissions can be finalized quickly without spending too much time for travelling and viewing.

With a vision of empowering people to make right and smart decisions, ZRMindz Global was founded in 2015. The objective of protecting citizens of the country from all types of mis selling and fraud or getting cheated and making the right decisions faster, efficient and smarter than ever before, ZRMindz Global brings up innovative ideas and have built platforms which empowers, educates and shows easy and cost efficient ways of choosing things in life.

Mohammed Haseeb, Founder & CEO, ZRMindz Global Technologies, avers, “Ease and transparency was the need in the college admission process. We have conducted several surveys and research before creating this platform and we have found many challenges faced by both students and colleges. We strongly believe that this virtual reality platform, Virtual Admission Fair, that we have built, will solve all problems and challenges these colleges and students have with regard to admissions”.