Sambhram Institute of Medical Sciences and Research: Creating Top-Notch MBBS Professionals via Holistic Education

Dr. P. K. Devadass,DeanGiven that locale limitations and uneven distribution of resources often hurdles medical education, physicians’ curtailment in regard to geographical deficiencies further strengthens the Gordian knot. Factors like distance from clinical teaching centre and non-availability of current medical equipments not only interfere with access of formal programs but also risks aspiring physicians’ medical competence. With this perpetuating dearth of medical education, institutes like Sambhram Institute of Medical Sciences and Research have avowed the promise to deliver exceptional medical education provisioned with premier medical facilities.

An ideal rural medical college, Sambhram’s excellent academic structure overhauls other institutional systems, an attribute well reflected by students scoring second and third ranks in 2016-17 examination with 18 distinctions, 56 first classes and 60 second/pass classes, hence 89.90 percent results of excellence. What makes the institute a pioneer in medical education sector is its highly standardized infrastructure aced with avant-garde equipments, teaching aids and systematic availability of clinical paraphernalia that elevates the education quality above all odds.
Pivoting Medical Interest
Established in Kolar to cure the leap in demand for trained healthcare professionals, Sambhram significantly offers MBBS course, the curriculum of which includes pre-clinical and clinical subjects followed by one year of compulsory internship, all covered within four and a half academic years. When asked about admission procedurals, Dr.P.K.Devadass, Dean, Sambhram Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, asserts, “We strictly follow all the Central and State rules during student’s admission and admits only NEET qualified and highest marks scored students at each category of admissions”. The medical college conducts various workshops and seminars in association with prominent institutions to enhance students’ learning. Modern teaching technologies help teachers deliver excellent results while the non-teaching staff assists students carry out practical sessions effortlessly.

What makes the institute a pioneer in medical education sector is its highly standardized infrastructure aced with avant-garde equipments, teaching aids and systematic availability of clinical paraphernalia

Sambhram’s infrastructure and equipments are at par with the minimum standard requirements prescribed by Medical Council of India(MCI). Additionally, the institute is well known for its holistic development initiatives inclusive of
various extra-curricular activities. The exclusive playground allows students to indulge in several sports activities while the gym facility, separate for boys and girls, invites for morning and evening sessions. Amidst all these amenities, high-end security is maintained with special emphasis on hygiene and students’ grievances are heard and cleared by Students’ Grievances Committee, Anti-ragging Committee and Hotel committee every month.

Social Steps In Line with Futurism
With equal attention for social initiatives, Dr.Devadass adds,“We frequently conduct medical camps focusing on rural and unprivileged group of people in and around KGF and nearby taluks, as management strictly believes - philanthropy must begin at grass-root level”. While some camps are in association with social organizations and government sponsorship, the hospital also operates two Rural Health Centers and one Urban Health Center, within 30 km radius, to provide better health facilities for KGF’s rural population, under the Community Medicine Department.

Adhering to all standards set by Central and State Governments, Sambhram aims at introducing Para-medical courses with equal focus on adding post graduate courses availed after completion of its 4th batch of MBBS. The Sambhram Hospital, the teaching hospital adjacent to the medical college, has plans to develop into a multi-specialty hospital offering super-specialty services for cardiology, nephrology, urology, oncology, trauma centre, and many more. To benefit students academically, it has strategically developed plans for health tourism, initiated this year, to attract a significant class of community nationally and internationally.