• Fueling the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem
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    Fueling the Indian Healthcare Ecosystem

    Medical advancements are every day creating new records, shooting through the sky and bringing human lives closer to easy and long lasting cure. There are speculations about immortality and though a fascinating subject, it requires a huge amount of medical expertise. Though this idea might seem a bit too farfetched, we are closer to a major breakthrough that can cure current chronic diseases like cancer, AIDS and many more. Medically neglected areas in the under-developed and developing countries are now getting the much needed medical attention. All these ideations are possible the relentless efforts of doctors, working towards a new discovery everyday and preparing them in this never ending quest are the medical colleges. From Anandi Gopal Joshi being revered as the first Indian...


Empowering the Healthcare Ecosystem

Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

Indian Universities: Promoting The Startup Culture

PROF. Sunil Khanna, Vice President, Dean (Research) & Dean (Admissions), Niit University

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Mallika Kotian, Director Schools, Kohinoor Education Trust

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Raju Varanasi, Chief Information Officer, Catholic Education Office

Merging Traditional & Technological Education

Yashwant Raj Parasmal, Managing Director, Strategum Eduserve

Role Of Educational Institutions In Inculcating Entrepreneurship Skills Amongst Children

Atul Temurnikar, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Global School Foundation & The Non-Profit Global Indian Foundation (Gif)

Digital Revolution

Chander Khanduja,CIO, Luminous Power Technologies