Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences: Ingraining Empathy into Medical Curriculum with PPP Model

Dr. Gyaneshwar Rao,Medical Director

Dr. Gyaneshwar Rao

Medical Director

Compassion is a desire to ease suffering; but in health care it is a tenet that seems to have been pushed aside over time. “Research has produced ample empirical evidence for proving what should seem obvious: Feeling soothed or cared for through the experience of meaningful social or human connections produces a physiological state in the body that is optimum for healing,” says Doty, Director, CCARE at Stanford University. As the research suggests, with an apt mix of complete digitalization and compassion, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS) educates new age medical science students with compassion factor, in the absence of which the accountable terms of medical education and profession lacks the real self. Developing dedicated, community-oriented, empathetic young medical professionals, empowered to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art clinical care at the doorstep of the common man is the focal objective of GAIMS.

Widened Infrastructure
The 2001 Bhuj earthquake turned out to be a blessing in disguise in a way for the community, as the Government of Gujarat replaced the completely collapsed Bhuj District Hospital with GAIMS in collaboration with Adani Education & Research Foundation, which made history with an infrastructure that’s robust enough to sustain future calamities.
Coming out of a natural calamity of such a magnitude, GAIMS bust the myth that a Public Private Partnership (PPP) venture is the prescription for failure and emerged triumphant with its robust management team, world-class facilities and network. Today, besides imparting quality education to its 750 students, it is also uplifting the lives of people situated in 400km radius with quality healthcare services.

Today, besides imparting quality education to its 750 students, it is also uplifting the lives of people situated in 400km radius with quality healthcare services

The institute breaks its geographical roadblock with robust faculty development programs that attract credible mentors and retains them. Proficiently addressing important issues of medical education such as rote learning, backdated syllabus & teaching style, lack of skilled teachers, infrastructure and social accountability, the 27 acre GAIMS houses a hospital building, nursing school, staff residential quarters and student hostels - a site unimaginable in an interior place far from mainstream.

Affiliated to KSKV Kachchh University, GAIMS offers MBBS, Medical Residency Programs(Post Graduation) – (MS) in, General Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Orthopaedics; (MD) in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, Respiratory Medicine, Dermatology (DVL), Paediatrics, Anaesthesia, Radiology, General Medicine and Diploma in Laboratory Medical Technology.
Expertise Redefined
The Think Tank of GAIMS- Dr. Pritiben G Adani- Chairperson of Adani Foundation, a Dental surgeon by profession, Dr. Malay Mahadevia a Dental surgeon by profession and whole time Director of M/s Adani Ports & SEZ Ltd, Dr. Pankaj Doshi Consultant Surgeon, the head of Health Care Services of the group and Dr. Gyaneshwar Rao consultant surgeon, the Medical director, spearhead and augment the process of taking this institute to the pinnacle of Medical Education.

Innovation in teaching methodology & curriculum plays crucial in producing competent and high quality health professionals. Comprehending this, GAIMS has nearly achieved the conversion of curriculum by Medical Council of India into e-learning from the batch 2017. It also makes continuous efforts to keep-up with technological advancements (student biometric attendance, Student Progress Tracking software for parents and so forth), and avails latest clinical materials & equipment to students. In fact, the first year residents are allowed to perform equipment & technology dependent minimal surgeries like Endoscopy & Laparoscopy. Bestowing UG students with responsible independence, it has even assisted students seeking foreign visits for projects.

Dr Gyaneshwar Rao, Medical Director, GAIMS asserts, “In view of the constantly changing nature of the repository of medical knowledge, the e-Library provides access to a world library on medical sciences. I am proud of the fact that Academics & Research are the two buzz words at the institute, where practical learning is imparted through integrated teaching, problem based learning & village stay, which reinforce theoretical knowledge & sharpens the practical expertise”.