Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence: Prioritizing Experiential and Research-oriented Learning

Prof: Bikramjit Rishi,  MBA executive

Prof: Bikramjit Rishi

MBA executive

A2021 study found out that only 55 percent of Indian MBA holders are employable which further accentuates the prevalent industry-academia gap in India. And the sub-standard, outdated curriculum followed by many MBA colleges can be attributed to this predicament. Acknowledging this situation,Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence(Shiv Nadar IoE) is one pioneering educational institution that offers a unique industry-centric executive MBA program for working professional with a minimum of 2 years of work experience after graduation and a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent CGPA. This research-centric, multi-disciplinary institution aspires to empower individuals and communities to realize and exercise universal freedom through the acquisition and application of knowledge by dedicating to the development, organization, preservation, dissemination, and application of knowledge in a wide range of fields of study.

In addition to this, the institution operates with a mission to be a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, studentcentric, and research university aimed at becoming a leading international institution of higher learning. And in order to realize this objective, Shiv Nadar IoE develops and educates the pathshapers of tomorrow, who can shoulder the challenges of globally responsible and ethical leadership in the 21st Century.

Through the education the Shiv Nadar IoE aims to evolve research and teaching programs that tackle the most pressing problems of India and the global community. Backed by their world renowned faculty, Shiv Nadar IoE is committed to excellence in teaching, discovery & innovation, scholarship, and service to expand the scope of human understanding, and contribute to the betterment of the world. Through their executive MBA program, the institution aspires to create an opportunity to hone the skills, deepen the knowledge and refine the learning for the global leaders in a supportive setting, where practical, realworld experiences and academic study go hand-inhand.
Whether visiting a company to understand the true nature of teamwork, Shiv Nadar IoE offers the experiences and the knowledge to fulfillthe potential of the global leaders. Also, their MBA program touches latest developments with the latest learning themes on design thinking, digital maturity, business analytics, and the platform economy. By doing so, the University is providing proper realworld exposure to future business leaders. Other than that, Shiv Nadar IoE offers world class infrastructural amenities to create the perfect learning environment for the students.

Shiv Nadar IoE aims to evolve research and teaching programs that tackle the most pressing problems of India and the global community

Adding more about the quality of their faculty, Prof Bikramjit Rishi says, "In MBA executive, the selected faculty members come from renowned institutions and companies to impart learning experiences and skills to the students. We have highly experienced an globally renowned faculty with relevant research, consulting, and training experience to address the demand of the executive students. It is an executive program for working professionals."

Even though, the institution does not provide placement support for this program, they organize guest lecture series by leading professionals from all sectors and disciplines. Also, Shiv Nadar IoE organizes various industry engagement programs through workshops, training, and individual career counseling to provide the students relevant exposure to the field and enable them to make informed decisions about their future progression.

Shiv Nadar IoE prioritizes on being a frontrunner when it comes to innovation and they have recently established a Center for Research in Epigenetics; another center for Himalayan studies is coming up as well. Additionally, the notion of sustainability is woven into the academic fabric of the institution and there will be teaching and research work in the areas of climate justice and climate change. The university is aiming to conduct their day-to-day operations as a green campus in alignment with these research work and studies going forward.

Elaborating more on their future international partnership goals, Prof. Bikramjit Rishi adds, "Looking at global partnerships, traditionally, the associations have just been studentfaculty exchanges, but we would work towards developing joint programs through our partnerships. If we truly believe in a global community of shared knowledge, then there should be a two-way equal partnership with students traveling to India. And that's what we would like to see happen. We would very much like our university to be home to that kind of mutual exchange from different parts of the world". With all this, Shiv Nadar IoE aspires to be a change bringer and further cement their position as a trail blazer in the Indian higher education industry.