KVIMIS: Establishing Symbiotic Relationship between Industry & Students

Dr. M. Vidhya,Principal

Dr. M. Vidhya


The global business world is increasingly becoming more complex. Daunting competition, intricate business structures and toughening customer expectations have created the need for dynamic & innovative leaders to pave the way in the business world. Creating business leaders endowed with abilities such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity is KVIMIS, a Coimbatore-based B-School. Be it their contemporary curriculum, practical approach to learning or setting-up of bodies such as Center for Industry Institute Interface (CI3), every endeavor undertaken by the enterprising B-School is designed to promote these aspects, thereby grooming students for the needs of the industry.

Founded in 2009, KVIMIS offers MBA courses with varied specializations such as human resource management, marketing, finance, logistics & supply chain management, systems, infrastructure & real estate management, digital marketing, and data science. Undertaking a modern approach to teaching and learning, KVIMIS has so far produced 17 university ranks in the Anna University. Having placed students across reputed organizations such as HDFC Bank, Karvy Consultants, AUDI, ICICI Bank, Accenture, TCS and SBI, to name a few, the B-School has maintained a consistent record of 100 percent placement since its very inception.

Pedagogy Par Excellence
Classrooms are often the most fundamental seat of learning; however, KVIMIS' teaching pedagogy moves beyond the constrained classroom setting. Students are encouraged to have real time conversations among through case studies and pre-video sessions. "Our approach to the pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory," explains Dr. M Vidhya, Principal, KVIMIS. Designed according to contemporary teaching methodologies such as Bloom's Taxonomy, the college fosters higher forms of thinking such as analyzing & evaluating concepts, processes, procedures, and principles. These teaching-learning methodologies are implemented by a highly accomplished faculty that comprises of 18 professors who come armed with industrial and research knowledge. Other than 12 professors who have earned PhDs, 13 industrial persons visit the college to enrich students in industrial knowledge.

While KVIMIS follows the Anna University curriculum, the B-School has added unique programs such as simulation games, corporate out-bound training, corporate lectures and many more to promote holistic development of students. Students are introduced to the realities of the business world and developing trends through talks
presented by stalwarts from reputed corporate houses such as Cloud Bull, Foss InfoTech, Twin link Logistics, Ventura Securities and Hubris Pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

KVIMIS is also a strong proponent of field learning, which not only develops skills, but also appreciates the realities of coping with complex situations in the industry. The institution thus conducts a Smart Crowd Sourcing Program, where regular weekly industrial visits are organized for a small group of students to have a clear understanding of the different business practices such as logistics, financial management, marketing strategies, and other creative techniques adopted by the businesses.

Extending its practical approach to learning further, KVIMIS has made internships with a 360 degree exposure mandatory for every student

Real Time Learning through 360 Degree Internships
Extending its practical approach to learning further, KVIMIS has made internships with a 360 degree expo-sure mandatory for every student. The only institute to run business simulations for management education in the region, KVIMIS currently holds AIMA BIZ Lab license for student and industry training. Students thus gain first-hand experience in terms of running a company and making strategic, marketing, production and HR related decisions. Additionally, the B-School also encourages students to join proficient associations and develop their professional contact base, which is a critical ingredient for success in today's world.

By partnering with organizations within these encompassing zones, KVIMIS provides students with the opportunity to build connections and help tailor institutional programming. The institution's approach creates applicable work encounters by facilitating occasions such as internship fairs or meeting days. "We offer neighbor-hood organizations access to job and internship posting board so that organizations should enlist our students as interns," says Dr. Vidhya. These steps alleviate time spent scanning for explicit organizations and thus make the temporary job search process less overpowering for students.

Meeting Industry & Student Requirements Alike
A pioneer in more ways than one, KVIMIS has established Centre for Industry Institute Interface (CI3), a body that works towards enhancing the relationship between the institute and industry. CI3 works towards deepening students' skills & commitment in sectors they were trained for and broadening their perspectives on career opportunities. It also allows enhanced networking opportunities for students and develops their confidence in communicating with experienced professionals. With more than 120 MoU partners, CI3 is bridging the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic offerings (theory) by direct involvement of industry to attain a symbiosis.

One such activity undertaken by CI3 is to assign real time jobs/projects in the corporate houses to students in order to provide them with exposure to the diverse nature of jobs in a company. Students are encouraged to take-up various tasks such as market research, stall management, product promotion & branding, stock audit, payroll maintenance and more in different types of companies of the MoU partners. Striving to become a Centre of Excellence for the holistic development of businesses, entrepreneurship and research in management, KVIMIS is slated to incorporate innovative learning strategies such as crossover learning, incidental learning, stealth assessment, computational learning analytical learning.

Dr. M. Vidhya, Principal
A prominent educationalist, Dr. M Vidhya has been at the forefront of shaping a vision of academic success for all students, one based on high standards, creating a climate of cooperation and cultivating leadership in others at KVIMIS. She always focuses on improving instruction to enable professors to teach their best and students to learn to their utmost.

Location: Coimbatore

Courses Offered: MBA Finance, MBA Marketing, MBA Systems, MBA Production, MBA HR, MBA Infrastructure & Real Estate Management, MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and MBA Digital Marketing & Data Science