GEMS B SCHOOL: Igniting Excellence through Industry Synergized Management Courses

Kunal Nehruji ,Executive Director

Kunal Nehruji

Executive Director

The global ‘businessverse’ has been in a constant state of flux for decades now. As competition amplifies and sustenance becomes tougher, companies are looking to bring on board proactive leaders rather than just managers. Adept at empowering students with the required skills to become accomplished leaders in the highly competitive business space is GEMS B SCHOOL. With its state-of-the-art campus situated in the Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore, GEMS B SCHOOL has been committed to igniting excellence within its students. In order to fulfill its vision and mission, the B School has designed a curriculum that is robust, content rich and industry relevant.

Additionally, the institution has forged associations with various international universities and over 350 companies to provide its students with global & industry exposure. Having adopted courses & methodologies that are student-friendly, yet keep-up with global standards, GEMS B SCHOOL has equipped several hundred students to take-on the challenges posed by contemporary business landscape.

“From innovative industry oriented program concepts to collaborations with some of the most reputed International & Indian Universities, curriculum & syllabus that are in sync with industry best practices, developing in-demand skill sets among students, subject matter expert faculties from the industry, to a network of over 350 companies for placements, GEMS B SCHOOL has curated some of the best Industry Oriented Management programs at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level,” says Kunal Nehruji, Executive Director, GEMS B SCHOOL. Proffering its various courses across its campuses in Bangalore, Thirupati, Vishakapatnam and Pondicherry, the ambitious B-School has been empowering students to flourish its today’s business ecosystem.

Unique Work & Learn Courses
In keeping with the need for professionals to be industry-ready, GEMS B SCHOOL has pioneered a unique concept of industry synergized work & learn management courses. As a student enrolls in the course, they are placed in companies based on their chosen specialization, where they must work full time during weekdays, and the weekends are then dedicated to learning course work. This results in 70 percent practical learning and 30 percent theoretical learning.

While the course allows students to earn substantially while learning, at the end of two years, they receive a dual MBA degree with two years of work experience. Upon culmination of the program, students are placed in organizations based on their chosen specialization. Other than its industry synergized MBA program, GEMS B SCHOOL also offers industry synergized MBA in healthcare & hospital management, industry synergized MBA in event management,
industry synergized MBA in hospitality & travel tourism. These courses are offered across all campuses. A visionary in every sense of the word, GEMS B SCHOOL has built strategic alliance with international universities and synergy with corporates, which enables students to receive internationally acclaimed degrees/diplomas fortified with real time industry exposure. The B-School conducts an 18-month British MBA program, which allows students to work & study in Bangalore for 12 months. The next six months are spent in University of Sunderland, UK. At the end of the course, students receive a full time international MBA degree from University of Sunderland in Sunderland or London, along with 18 months of work experience.

Another addition to the roster of courses offered by GEMS B SCHOOL is its PGP Business Analytics and MBA+PGP Business Analytics. Running for a span of nine months and 33 months respectively, these courses are offered in collaboration with KPMG India, one of India’s largest management consulting firms. It is one of the very first business analytics programs to be offered in collaboration between industry and academia.

GEMS B SCHOOL has built strategic alliance with international universities and synergy with corporates to ensure students receive internationally acclaimed degrees/diplomas fortified with real time industry exposure

Students receive the opportunity to learn business statistics, business analytics using R, visualisation using tableau, machine learning using Python, network analysis & text analytics using R, web extraction & analytics using R & Python, and advanced business analytics using R. The course also emphasizes on topics such as database using SQL, teaches marketing, financial and HR analytics while introducing them to the fundamentals of SAS & Minitab.

A Seat of Higher Learning
Owing to its one-of-a-kind work & learn programs, GEMS B SCHOOL leverages the power of theory and practice simultaneously, thus making some of the most effective curriculums. Students’ classroom learnings get reinforced with their industry experiences, which empowers them to function as seasoned professionals from the get go. The B-School relies on industry professionals with hands-on experience in their respective fields to impart learning. “Every member of our esteemed faculty is handpicked for their unique expertise and experience responding to complex, real-world business challenges,” adds Kunal.

Armed with decades of expertise in varied fields such as production management, marketing, HR and finance among others, teachers at GEMS B SCHOOL mentor students to maximize their performance individually and as a team.

The B-School has adopted a thorough methodology of think, act and learn, which ensures that all learning is experiential. Students do not have to sit through one sided lectures, but are engaged in meaningful & lively interactions, which makes learning more effective. The faculty employ usage of interesting case studies, vibrant deliberations, thought provoking question & answer sessions, mock programs and seminars to hold student attention. Additionally, GEMS B SCHOOL invites accomplished entrepreneurs to share their in-depth industry knowledge with students and conducts outbound workshops and industrial visits to promote experiential learning.

The faculty is committed to inculcating skills such as team building, leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship and relationship management, among students. Preparing students for placements is another goal undertaken by GEMS B SCHOOL; the placement team helps students polish communication, interview, aptitude test and GD skills. Nestled in a quaint corner in Bangalore, the well-equipped GEMS B SCHOOL campus has become a higher seat of learning and accomplishment for professionals.

Courses Offered: Industry Synergised MBA, Industry Synergised MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management, Industry Synergised MBA in Event Management, Industry Synergised MBA in Hospitality & Travel Tourism, British MBA, PGP Business Analytics, and MBA + PGP Business Analytics
Locations: Bangalore, Tirupati, Vishakhapatnam, Mysore, & Puducherry