ABIT Group: Inculcating Effective Leadership Skills And Ethical Values

  Er. Satyadarshi Mishra,    Director, ABIT Group of Institutions

Er. Satyadarshi Mishra

Director, ABIT Group of Institutions

A Skilled Workforce for Robust, Sustainable, and Balanced Growth is now essential for any firm to prosper, regardless of industry vertical. There have been opportunities to learn and keep appropriate skills. With this, it is critical to increase students' ability to adjust to shifting market dynamics.

"Established back in the year 2005, MBA department of ABIT Group" has focused on value optimized learning, which aims to maximise student value. The Institute offers a variety of student development programmes and workshops that have been designed in collaboration with industry specialists. These activities run concurrently with university guided curricular programmes and assure students'general growth.

“Opportunities & Forums to apply management concepts is critical to
effective management education. It is also pertinent to mention that a number of societal problems often go unnoticed and unmanaged. We try to identify such possibilities and engage our students in associated problem solving exercises, which brings in societal awareness in students, exercises their ingenuity in tackling complex problems with management concepts and gives them the feeling of a responsible citizen,” highlights Dr. Shree Kanungo, HOD, Department of MBA.

In an exclusive interview with siliconindia Education Dr. Shree Kanungo walks us through the unique traits of the institution:

As ABIT Group of Institutions aims at combining quality education with the development of an all round personality, what are your advancements with the programs? Highlight your USP.
As students begin the programme, a series of initial evaluations are performed to determine existing skill levels and student development needs. These development requirements are mapped onto various development programmes (Communication & Confidence, Marketing & Social Research, DataScience & Artificial Intelligence, Community Connect & Solutioning, Process Standards & Governance) that are offered on a continuous basis as part of extracurricular activities. These extracurricular programmes provide learners with a competitive advantage in external forums.

Explain the admission process, eligibility criteria, and fee structure or your programs?
The Odisha Joint Entrance Examination(OJEE) organization governs
admissions, and students. Based upon the qualifying grades in XAT, MAT, OJEE (Management Test), and ATMA, individuals are admitted based on their ranks in the various examinations. The fee is as per the rules of the State Government.

How are the placement programs helping students in shaping their career goals? Are you providing any training along with the
partnership with any companies/training institutes for various placement activities?

ABITs placements are performed through self-developed channels as well as partners, and only particular categories of firms are
targeted based on the institute's and students' strengths. ABIT has partnered with a number of firms in the Insurance Assessment, Banking, Software, Construction and Manufacturing areas to develop students in accordance with their needs. Furthermore, the Training & Placement department is constantly scanning new market developments and growing corporate skill needs, which assists in training our students on the proper skills and targeting new generation companies with contemporary skill wants.

Our End-Objective Is To Thoroughly Develop Business Managers And Entrepreneurs With Effective Leadership Skills And Ethical Values

We have training partners for both fundamental and technical capability development, while training is done in a hybrid fashion to maximise time and resource locations.

Enlighten us on the mission and vision followed by the institute.
We want to be a leading department in Management education, that provides value-based learning, and conducts interdisciplinary research in emerging areas of management for sustainable growth of the society at large.

Our end-objective is to thoroughly develop business managers and entrepreneurs with effective leadership skills and ethical values. We use updated pedagogy for continuously upgrading the teaching-learning process and assessment mechanism. We also involve our students and faculties in research projects linked with both academia and industry, wherein, we provide reallife cases and challenges from the industry to enhance management skills.

What are the various additional curriculum activities offered by your institution?
We think that effective management is built on thought leadership, communication, and problem resolution. The ABIT EDGE(Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable) programme gives students with enablement tools and platforms to build these critical abilities, which supplement their curricular knowledge. The ABIT EDGE programme focuses on ten different areas: social and market research, data management and analysis, research orientation and product thinking, communication and confidence, competitive resilience, organisation and collaboration, networking and interactions, wellness and stability, risk positivity and startup mindset, citizenship and community awareness. The focus is toward effective student grooming over their curricular base.

Tell us about the experienced faculty and how they hold the key to the quality education of ABIT Group of Institutions.
The faculty on an average have more than a decade’s experience in both corporate and academics. Their business experience includes Insurance, Pharma, Media, and Financial Services, which helps them in assisting students not just in classroom instruction but also in career options. Many of the faculty members have PhDs from reputed universities. The faculty also has extensive academic experience, which allows them to improve the quality of education for students by exposing them to practical issues, real-life examples, and case studies.

Kindly share a few memorable students’success stories of your institution.
We have students from a range of backgrounds, and over the years we have been successful in increasing their abilities and guiding them to successful professions. Many of our graduates have advanced positions in marketing, finance, and human resources in private and public banks, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, real estate, hospitality, agri-business, print media, digital marketing, and beautycare, to name a few. Several students have also joined the State Administrative Services.

What is the roadmap ahead for the institution’s new growth phase?
The Institute is pursuing avenues opened up by the New Education Policy (NEP), and in collaboration with other Institutes of the group that excel in their respective fields of Architecture, Engineering, and Skill Education. We are considering multi-disciplinary areas that have the potential to bring in newer perspectives and opportunities for our students.