K. Ramakrishnan College of Engineering: Nurturing innovative minds

Dr. D.Srinivasan,PrincipalThe access to limitless information has made students today aware of what options they have but the wisdom of which one is the right option is not available anywhere but can only be acquired in an educational institution. Providing just what an educational institution should, K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering is known for creating professionals with excellent decision making skills and profound knowledge about their fields. From soft skills and personality development to particular technical training, the institute doesn’t fail to prioritize any detail that is significant to the student’s career. The institution is well known in the industry due to their several collaborations and excellent relationships they maintain. Proving the point and explaining how it is beneficial to the students, Dr. D. Srinivasan, Principal, K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering points out, “INTEL has launched an intelligent systems Lab at our campus. This lab helps students to gain expertise in software and other skills, so as to compete in the job market. Students will be motivated to bring out their own innovation, through the hands-on the training given in the lab.”

Every year electrical and electronics engineering students from the institution get trained by the best professionals from the industry, the students are sent to companies such as Tata consultancy service, Wipro and L & T InfoTech, where they get to learn from the experts. From signal processing to power and computers, Electrical and electronics is a subject that encompasses everything in one
platform. The area where an electrical and electronics engineer can work is not limited to only energy and power, an electrical and electronics engineering graduate can work with research and development, management and computer software development also. Having a wide range of work options, the students get several offers from visiting companies in the yearly placement drives. Every year many companies visit the campus of K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering during the placement season, the major recruiters of the institution are Cognizant, TCS and Wipro.

students from the institute get trained by the best professionals from the industry such a Tata consultancy service Wipro and L&T infotech

If the excellent trainings and the placements are one part of the institution, research and development is the other part of the institute that is extra ordinary. Research is being conducted in all fields through the various departments in place; the most important research works being conducted is by the electronics and electrical department on Power system, Power Electronics and Renewable Energy. Since the global electrical energy consumption is rising, there is a need for efficient production, distribution and use of energy, the research being conducted in the institution will be instrumental in finding an effective way to save energy. Contributory researches are being conducted in the campus by other departments also, noted ones are VLSI, Microwave and Image processing from the ECE department and Human Resource and Finance from the MBA division. Research In the campus is encouraged by providing the students with state of the art labs and all the facilities required to conduct research without any glitch. Regular participation in national and international seminars, conferences and
workshops is a routine practice for the students of the institution.The students and the faculty also regularly publish articles in reputed national and international journals.

Research in the campus is also encouraged by the faculty who mentor the students with their research projects and papers. The teacher student ratio in the institution is maintained as per the AICTE norms which helps the students get the level of individual attention that is required in order to get the best possible learning experience. The fact that the college secures several university ranks every year is enough to acknowledge the truth that the faculty of the institution is highly applaud able. The institute has always maintained impressive record when it comes to academic performance and placements. Apart from the research labs and futuristic tech labs, the institute also provides excellent environment for learning, with well equipped libraries and access to many online academic journals, the students get their hands on the most recent academic materials and research works from all over the world.

Having achieved their missions by attaining excellence in almost all the pursuits they venture into. The institution treads its path for the future with well thought sketch of what is beneficial for the students and has already taken the required steps to start the process. The institute is on advanced stage of negotiations with several international universities for collaborations. The collaborations will be mostly for joint research programs and students and faculty exchange programs. The college also has plans of giving a boost to their existing infrastructure by creating international laboratories in the campus, which would mean better practical training and exposure for the students. With just over seven years of founding, the institute has developed into an educational hub with all the right facilities that are highly beneficial for the students.