Evolving educational tools help meet employ ability challenges for new gen

Dr. Sandeep has been associated with ASM Group for over 16 years now, prior to which he held the role of System Analyst at Forbes Marshall.

We are living in a fast paced era, where everyone is on the run to find instant gratification. This is also true in the way we live our lives, where we are in constant search for something new. In the same yardstick, our educational system is undergoing a transformation. Our academicians are employing new educational tools that will help to meet the current employment challenges and reachout to students across, breaking-down the chain of physical barriers.

Learning is a constant but the willingness to face new challenges and modify learned perspective is the ultimate test. The new generation is tech savvy and are easily adapting to the changing method of learning. There is a definite shift from the traditional classroom to the new age digital learning concept. A number of premier institutions are changing the traditional way of classroom teaching to be able to cope with the expectations of the New Gen and allow them to be fully engaged and be part of the digital learning process.

With advancement in technology, various tech platforms like skype and online forums are being used to facilitate digital learning for students. There is a growing number of students who are pursuing courses accredited to international universities through the online medium. This helps them in securing degrees from recognized and reputed international universities that help them in brightening their job prospects.

For instance, at ASM we aim to skill our students on the latest technologies to make digital workforce ready. Cloud computing skills training is provided on ‘AWS educate’ to all students and faculty from junior college till PhD. Similarly, skills in automation and robotic process automation from the world’s leading company ‘Automation anywhere’ is offered to all students and faculty from junior college till PhD. Approximately 3,000 students and faculty have used this and earned badges from AWS and ‘Automation anywhere’ in various skills.

Today, the challenge many young executives face is staying employed and relevant due to current economic scenario. This has propelled many to upgrade and sharpen their skill sets if they are to stay relevant in work force. Many B-schools offer courses like PGDM and Ex MBA in their curriculum, which helps students/executives in pursuing their management studies without hampering their present work schedule.

A PGDM and Ex MBA course widens the horizon of a professional, providing him with an array of career options to choose in whichever field he desires to enter. The advantages for students are multifold. One of the most important benefits of taking-up these courses is that it makes you corporate ready. But before choosing the right course, the student should check if the educational institute has a trusted legacy. Also, tie-ups with reputed organizations that provide cutting edge certification for enhanced skills, will lead to better employ ability.

The New Gen is in a hurry to achieve success and is not taking the traditional route of employment. We see a growing trend of startup businesses or entrepreneurship at an early stage in their career. They believe in the concept of ‘work from anywhere’, which provides flexibility to the employees. Various multinational companies and startups too are changing the conventional work style to a more unconventional way of working. At the same time, they believe in having a work life balance, where they invest in spending quality time with family and friends.

New Gen is the future, and will draw the line on how we are going to do business. They are smart, talented and firm in pursuing their goals. Providing the right platform and adding fuel to their creativity and innovation is the right way to bring out the best in them.