'Smart Homes No More A Luxury But A Necessity'

Niyati is co-founder and COO of SmartDEN, a company that provides Smart Home Solutions. She plans to carve her niche in this industry by welcoming challenges and taking the industry by storm. She is an entrepreneur at heart and an avid reader!

The term `Smart Homes Technology' is often considered a luxurious lifestyle choice and not a necessity. However, this is far from the truth, considering the impact technology has made in our day to day lifestyle. In this age of e-commerce, even shopping daily essentials and even day to day transport is a service provided online and is being used by the masses. What was once considered as a luxury is now a necessity due to its elevated service and convenience.

Technology is all around us and is widely adopted. From setting your morning alarm on your phone, asking your voice assistant to set reminders, to unlocking & starting your car using keyless technology. We send messages via e-mails daily to colleagues who are miles apart and even video call our family and friends. Technology is ingrained as a part of our lifestyle, to a point where we depend on its functionality every day. Just imagine spending a month without the internet. Imagine having to pay for an ISD call every time you want to talk to your family abroad, the hassle of catching a ride on the road during the monsoon and no more home delivery services.

Similarly, Smart Home Technology might not seem like a necessity, but it is the need of the hour and essential to your home. We are in the midst of a pandemic and going contactless is imperative to fight it.

With Smart Homes, no one has to physically interact with the home devices to enjoy its functionality. One can simply use a voice command or use a smartphone to control Smart Home Devices

Take instances from our daily schedule and how we are ignorant of the risk that we put ourselves as well as our loved ones in. Let us take our house help as an ex-ample. Not only are they travelling in public but also visit multiple homes in a single day. Not only are they at high risk of contracting this virus, but also are capable of spreading it within our household, where both young kids, as well as elders, might come in contact with it. This is because they need to interact with your home devices to carry out their duties. With Smart Homes, no one has to physically interact with the home devices to enjoy its functionality. One can simply use a voice command or use a smartphone to control Smart Home Devices. With smart home devices like smart locks and smart doorbells, you can give access to your help during a specific time of the day and monitor who is at the door all through your phone! Enabling CONTACTLESS entry into the house.

Another side effect of the pandemic is that many companies have declared work from home until 2021. This has created an environment where it is difficult for any employee to balance work stress with household chores. It has also resulted in longer working hours and is even more difficult for employees to disconnect from work. Using Smart Home Technology you can automate your home environment to distinguish work from home. Your smart home will automatically adjust your lighting, temperature, and music to be more productive during work hours and relaxed once you are done with work.

Also, you no longer have to worry about your laptop battery dying in the middle of an important discussion. With smart plugs, you can easily switch on/off your chargers using your smartphone.

It is important to change the narrative of `Smart Homes' from being an expensive luxury to a Cost-Saving Investment. Although this is a bold statement, it is backed by the right technology. Smart Homes help you monitor your energy consumption, reduce electricity bills, and keep your carbon footprint in check.

Think about the last time you forgot to switch off your geyser before leaving your home and only realised it once you were back home. You can easily keep your energy consumption in check by monitoring your home appliances using your Smartphone and controlling them. Smart Devices like Smart outlets (plugs), when connected to large appliances like refrigerators, geysers and washing machines, helps you monitor the energy consumed by every device. So, whenever you need to know more about your energy consumption patterns, you can check it on your smart home app. Smart Homes not only gives you a convenient way of using your homes but also helps you in keeping a check on your electricity bills by efficiently managing your appliances.

Think about the times you had to come back home to check if your doors locked or if your oven was switched off. This can be a disastrous situation but can be easily avoided with the convenience of Smart Home Technology.

Smart homes are not only smart because of the technology but it is smart because it understands your needs and requirements and most importantly it keeps you and your family Safe, secures your assets and is efficient during this Pandemic. We are all in this together, and if smart technology can help you keep your family safe then why not!

Being cost-effective, ensuring safety, and encouraging efficiency is a necessity in today's world. Hence, we can conclude that Smart Homes are no longer a luxury choice but a necessity in every household.