Tutelage: Answering the Why of What

Sagar Choudhary,  DirectorCareer counselling received from social peers can do more harm than good. Career planning is an imperative decision, which should be considered on a serious note. But statistics infer that 67 percent of students choose wrong career options due to two kinds of ‘Don’t Know’. First being ‘I don’t know why I’m choosing this career option?’ (because you haven’t been taught of it yet), and the second one, often confused with the first, ‘I don’t know which career to choose?’. “It is imperative to get these questions answered. And we at Tutelage are renowned for ‘Answering the why of what’. We put serious efforts in ability mapping of the students and suggest them destination even if we might have to say ‘No’,” explains Sagar Choudhary, CEO, Tutelage.

Founded by Sagar in 2012 with the sole purpose to familiarize new trends, implement real-time exposure and self-assessment methodologies to guide the students to their correct career path, the company prepares the students to cope with any stressors. Following this philosophy, the company has counselled 5000+ students through its team of strong counsellors, unique & transparent counselling process, and leveraging 750+ college tie-ups. This is why 26 out of every 30 students refer their friends to Tutelage. “We even provide scholarship & financial aid to the deserving students, and interviews & internship assistance after completion of course. Hope we have not overpromised!” expounds Sagar.
The True Career Friend

Formed with the single motto to provide counselling to students in their areas of interest and to provide information on alternative careers, Tutelage engages domain experts and dynamic counsellors (comprising of faculties of IIM, IIT and other top colleges, entrepreneurs, health professionals, engineers, and managers) for the mission. The centre targets students of age group 14-22 years to participate in their six-step counselling process; Help (to understand yourself), Allow (to help yourself), Assist (to understand the situation objectively), Prepare (to cope with the situation & stresses), Motivate (to search for alternate solution) and Facilitate (to look with a new perspective).

We even provide scholarship & financial aid to the deserving one’s, and interviews & internship assistance after completion of course

Following this, Tutelage comprehends the students at three psychological dimensions; UMWELT (physical dimension), MITWELT (social dimension) and EIGIRWELT (psychological dimension). Structured upon these three interventions, Tutelage has designed two analysis models, which include ‘Reality Analysis’ to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a student, and ‘Transaction Analysis’ to determine the ego state of the student.

Further, to create a unique platform for the students to build their careers, it hosts ‘Tutelage Bridge Fair’. This event attracts the crowd seeking for a diploma, postgraduate or doctoral degree courses. One can walk-in to the stalls to enquire about the top colleges in India offering 100+ degree courses, free counselling sessions, assured scholarships, hassle-free application process of the chosen institutes and post admission counselling sessions. Tutelage also conducts student interaction programs (SIP) annually in different locations (Kolkata, Guwahati, Durgapur, Asansol, Jaigaon, Tinsukia and Delhi). It’s two hours program designed with lateral inputs is a mix of conventional method with the eccentric, imaginations and intuition to the end point of manic determination. The firm brings ‘BLANK’, an effective bi-yearly career magazine which includes insights and useful tips about higher education, UG and PG courses PAN India and serves an interface for Student-Institution communication.

No wonder, Tutelage has spread like wildfire and currently has four branches in eastern India with 23 sub branches and 250+ teachers within its network. It envisions launching e-portal ( services soon to help connect students with top counsellors of the world.