Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering: Enhancing Competencies of Future Professionals & Professors Alike

Dr A C Muthiah,Chairman, Governing Council

Dr A C Muthiah

Chairman, Governing Council

system is like an automobile which has strong rear lights, brightly illuminating the past. But looking forward, things are barely discernible." The statement is true for many educational institutes even now; however, the case is different for Chennai based Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (SVCE).

Looking at their growth over more than three decades of existence is exemplary of an institute that takes the development of students and faculty members very seriously. With 97.74 percent of students placed in the year 2022 and more than 150 students getting dual offers, one can gauge the efficacy of the students and members of faculty.

Offering Quality Education
Established in 1985, SVCE has been invested in offering peerless academic, administerial and pastoral support to its students and helping them find their path to success. In this regard, the institute has been a pioneer of many firsts. "We made full use of the educational autonomy to improve our students' competencies, and on the quality and quantity of teaching and learning process and the research produced," says Dr. A C Muthiah Chairman, Governing Council.

"In 1996, SVCE designed the curriculum and syllabus for the B.Tech degree program in Information Technology which was approved by the University of Madras. This is the first of its kind in Indian Universities." Similarly, the Institution conceived, designed, and proposed Marine Engineering as an undergraduate degree program that was affiliated with the University of Madras. The syllabus was framed on the guidelines of the IMO and STCW 1995 convention, and the course was started in 1998.

In 2020, the Institution introduced B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science along with M.Tech in Cyber Forensics and Information Security, M.E. in Industrial Automation, and Robotics and Mechanical with Automation Engineering in 2022.
The autonomy also allowed SVCE to offer courses that go beyond the fields of engineering and equip learners with knowledge related to the finance environment and social issues. Accordingly, it offers courses on Financial Statement Analysis, Mathematics for AI & ML, Managerial Economics, Corporate Finance, and Project Management with experts from NSE Academy, Madras School of Economics, and industries.

A Promising Study Environment for Students
Situated on a lush, green 95 acres campus, SVCE places equal importance on the students'growth in curricular and extracurricular activities. The Student Council spearheads all the activities related to co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the college. Various programs are organized throughout the year. Calibrations is one such program for first-year students, which is a talent hunt activity. It is a part of the first-year orientation program. Highways is another cultural event but is open to all. Apart from these, every department conducts an annual symposium; the college has more than 50 clubs and associations, including CARE (eco-club), Speakers Forum, Rotaract Club, and Dream Big at SVCE (UPSC Study Circle). The students are encouraged to participate actively in the various clubs and associations and gain credits.

On the other hand, the teaching staff at SVCE is a good mixture of experience and youth. The main feature that distinguishes SVCE from other institutes is the academic freedom given to the staff. The College provides an ambiance that allows the staff to think freely, explore, experiment, and evolve as the best quality
teachers. Ample opportunities and avenues are provided for them to continue their education while teaching. Financial incentives for research publications are a common feature. In addition, there are awards to recognize exceptional teachers who positively impact students through pioneering teaching methods and supportive practices inside and outside the classroom.

We made full use of the educational autonomy to improve our students' competencies

The college has not shied away from adapting modern pedagogical methods in the classroom. Each classroom is equipped with ICT facilities along with LCD projectors. SVCE leverages Google Classroom to upload video lectures and study materials. The library is equipped with print and e-learning materials, and laboratories are regularly up-graded in tandem with industries of various departments.

Future Endeavors
The Placement and Training cell helps students hone their interview skills and offers training with agencies of repute to enhance learners' skill sets. It also conducts mock interview sessions with HRs and suggests suitable remedial measures for students. In the future, the institute aims to have more centers of excellence in core engineering fields and in emerging technologies like smart digital technology, machine learning, and big data to create a more comprehensive and better-connected ecosystem. SVCE will continue to work on students and help them develop analytical ability, critical thinking, and effective problem-solving skills and be good at ideation. These skills, complemented with their technical knowledge, will help them explore possibilities and contribute something credible in the emerging Industry 4.0 in which human, social, and even sustainability aspects are important.