MIT ADT University: Delivering excellence with superlative technology programs

Dr. Vishwanath Karad,Founder & Director General

Dr. Vishwanath Karad

Founder & Director General

The engineering industry in India represents 63 percent of the overall foreign collaborations and accounts for 27 percent of the total factories in the industrial sectors. This has prompted the exponential growth of engineering based educational institutions. An example of one such leading institute is MIT Art Design and Technology University. MIT ADT University has been established under the flagship of the prestigious MIT Group of Institutions. Dr. Vishwanath Karad, Father Founder & Director General of the MAEER’s MIT Group of institutions is one who has made this possible in Maharashtra and launched the first Private Engineering College.

MIT was established in the year 2016 as per the UGC Guideline and state private University Act of State Govt. of Maharashtra. It is a UGC recognized multidisciplinary University and has been bestowed with the ‘Best Campus Award’ by ASSOCHAM 2017. Under this banner more than 32,000 plus students are pursuing engineering education all over India. It is the 8th engineering institution established with the strong vision of President, MIT ADT University Dr. Mangesh T. Karad.

Backed by expertise and experiences
MIT ADT University’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology is known for its micro specialization in various superlatives Technology Programs. It aims to make their students a “Winning Personality” with a perfect blend of sound technical knowledge, entrepreneurship skills, a drive to think innovatively and necessary life skills, required to succeed as a professional in most of the demanding domains.

Besides specializing in core areas, this institution also has its expertise in the conventional engineering studies as well including Robotics and Automation Engineering, Electric vehicles, Transportation engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and many more. The courses offered are strategically planned and meticulously designed in view of the expectations and requirements of the industries. “Our course curriculum and pedagogy are more focused towards giving complete Industrial exposure and hands-on practical experience to our students and developing industrial leaders out of them,” says Dr. Vishwanath.

Empowering learners to become adaptive and agile global professionals
The Mission of MIT Art, Design and Technology University is to provide impetus
to faculty, learners, and staff by developing their innate intellectual capabilities, creative abilities and entrepreneurial mind-set for the socio-economic development of the nation. “We empower learners to become adaptive and agile global professionals through unique specialized programs building academic-industrial partnership,” adds Dr. Sunita M. Karad, Faculty Dean Engineering & Management, Director-ICT, MIT ADT University.

The institute through its courses nurture learners to be intellectually curious, technologically equipped, mentally sound, physically fit, spiritually elevated, socio-culturally sensitive, environmentally conscious through continuous holistic education for the ever-evolving world. MIT ADT University provides technology-enabled learner-driven curriculum, value added courses, simulated learning environments, state-of-the-art infrastructure and opportunities for community engagement.

The institution,since its establishment, has been making concerted efforts for taking a leap towards world class education

More than 300+ industrial tie-ups and the Special advisory board helps the students for the Excellent Industrial connect, live Projects, Innovation, Research and Consultancy practices. More than 500 + companies visit every year for campus recruitments and effective Tie-ups strengthen the relationship

Under the umbrella of MIT Group of institutions
The institute of Engineering and Technology has more than 7000 + students who are studying in various fields in five different Technology schools which include MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences, an institute that aims to bridge the gap between engineering and technology. Second, MIT School of Food Technology which is one of the brainchild constituent faculties of MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune. Third, MIT MANET, this is for the seafarers at heart. “We provide young aspirants with an opportunity to build a rewarding career in the Merchant Navy,” adds Dr. Mangesh. Fourth, MBA Project & Construction Management Program offered by MIT College of Management. It is a flagship program uniquely composed to blend techno-managerial skill sets which is the need of today’s construction industry. All programs under MIT ADT University are carefully designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to fit with today’s competitive job market as per the Industry requirement in micro specialized areas.

The institution, since its establishment, has been making concerted efforts for taking a leap towards world class education. MIT Art, Design and Technology University aspires to be the University of Eminence by amalgamating Art, Design, Science and Technology. The University aims to have a transformative impact on society through holistic education, multidisciplinary research ethos, innovation and entrepreneurial culture.

“We are continuously working to provide our students with real world and practical academic exposure that will transform them into successful professionals,” concludes Dr. Sunita M. Karad.

Dr.Sunita M. Karad, Faculty Dean Engineering & Management
Dr. Sunita Karad firmly believes that Industry Revolution 5.0 and the Digital transformation will bring change in every business organization. She has a Core Engineering background with more than 25 years of rich academic experience.