Melhor Institute: Preparing a Foreign Language Expert of Native Level

Paula Rodriguez,  Trainer - Spanish

Syed Mohammad Muzaffar Khan, Managing Director

The ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more important in the increasingly integrated global business community. Along with economic globalization, social mobility has also raised the demand of learning foreign languages other than English. Addressing this need of the hour with a vision to remove communication barriers is Melhor Institute, a Hyderabad-based language training institute. The institute was founded unofficially with two languages (French & German) in 2012 by Syed Mohammad Muzaffar Khan (Managing Director). Later on, it was established officially in 2014 with introducing other European Languages like Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. Today, Melhor Institute also offers courses on various major languages, including Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

But what differentiates Melhor from its peer competitors is its native trainers who help candidates to learn authentic and practical use
of vocabulary, understand the culture as well as the language while grasping the actual accent and pronunciation. Not every speaker has the talent to teach others. Hence, the institute looks for trainers who have good teaching capability with great knowledge over the languages. “The strong immersion technique of our native trainer creates an unforgettable language-learning experience. We introduce new words and concepts in sequence to accelerate the language learning process,” states Syed.

"The strong immersion technique of our native trainers creates an unforgettable language-learning experience"

Bringing the Professional Out of You
From school students to corporate professionals and individuals, the institute offers comprehensive courses to each and every candidate. In 2015, Melhor started training corporate companies and MNCs in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, helping the employees to learn a particular language for making communication easy with their counterparts. It then extended its services with offering translation & interpretations for different pharmaceutical companies, language training classes to International schools, and home teaching for school kids. Looking at the job opportunities in Japan, recently, the institute introduced its Japan process, where it helps the candidates with an option to study and work from Japan at the same time, apart from placing candidates in Japanese companies in Japan. Witnessing
the success of this program, Melhor is now planning to add Scandinavian languages like Danish, Swedish and Norwegian in the list of its offering courses.

Leveraging technology, the institute offers online coaching (via Webinars) to students, corporates and individuals globally. It also offers one-on-one classes through Skype. The institute follows international certified programs under CEFR to offer training in all the six levels of the language training courses. The duration of the course varies from 6-8 weeks with daily classes, depending on the level of the certification. Melhor conducts mock test every week according to the standard of the programs and ensures that the candidates shouldn’t face any difficulty during the final test. Once a candidate clears the program, they get a worldwide valid certificate directly from the embassy.

With such updated technology, specific curriculum and best-in-class trainers, Melhor has become the first choice of every language learner. No wonder, Melhor has already bagged and catered to many prestigious client’s like Novartis, FMC Technologies, and Indus International School, to name a few. With successful students and satisfied clients across the world, Melhor is now planning to go with technology and work on its online learning platform to make it more accessible for everyone across the globe,while mitigating the biggest issue related to timing and travelling.