Prajakta's Institute of Foreign Languages: Redefining Language Training, Translation & Interpretation Services

Prajakta Paranjape,Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Prajakta Paranjape, Founder& Co-Owner

Recent years have witnessed a massive growth in the rate of people travelling and migrating to foreign countries, where most often the official language is not English. This triggered the need to learn foreign languages other than English. Not just overseas education aspirants, but professionals and frequent travellers too are in need of this. Learning a language is not limited to mere vocabulary memorising, but a deep understanding about the culture and the confidence to speak and interact like a native. With a vision to build this confidence and eradicate barriers in learning, Prajakta’s Institute of Foreign Languages(PIOFL)was established in Thane by Prajakta Paranjape (Founder & Co-Owner). Started with just one student in 2010, today, PIOFL trains over 500 students a year in German, French and Spanish languages.

Adhering to the personalized requirement of the learners – from school students to corporate professionals and individuals, the institute offers comprehensive and tailor made courses. Updated technology and the upgraded curriculum make PIOFL the first choice of every language learner.
With an array of services, including language training, coaching for international examinations, corporate training, translation and interpretation, PIOFL is the most sought-after language training institute in the region. Leveraging technology, the institute also offers online coaching (via Skype) to students, corporates and individuals globally along with corporate coaching. Offering training in all the six levels of the language training, special workshops are conducted for various international exams, including DELF/DALF, DELE and Max Muller international examinations.

"We often conduct interactive sessions with foreign delegates for students to encourage maximum communication and understanding"

Making You a Pro
Many corporate companies today have their parent entities or clients in foreign countries, often requiring professionals to travel and interact with their foreign counterparts. Hence, the demand to speak like a pro/native who not just understands the language, but the culture too, is in demand like never before. Catering to this, PIOFL offers corporate training programme (often at the client’s location) focusing on the professional requirements and developing the employees as a pro in the relevant language. Apart from classroom coaching, the institute offers ‘Language Immersion Programme’, where every student gets a chance to visit foreign countries like Germany, France & Spain, and interact with the native speakers. “This gives a chance to leave their inhibitions and interact with the native
speakers,” says Sameer Damle, Co-Owner, PIOFL. International movies screening held regularly helps in better understanding of the foreign culture and the accent, making the students a Pro in the language.“We often conduct interactive sessions with foreign delegates for students to encourage maximum communication and understanding, ”says Prajakta.

Customizing the Learning
The highly qualified (with post graduation in respective languages and a minimum of C1 level) and experienced faculty understand the requirements of each learners and design customised course modules to fill the required gap/need. For learners with limited time availability, the frequency of class hours is increased to meet the timeline without compromising on quality. An assortment of activities, including role plays and discussions are conducted using various audio visual aids, taking the whole process of learning to a new level. ”Post our students settling in their country of choice, we do not cut the cord, but be in touch with them to help them further during the time of need,” asserts Sameer.

Alongside, the institute also offers translational and interpretational services in English to French/German /Spanish and vice versa from vernacular languages (Marathi, Hindi & Gujarati) either at its place or client’s office. With its main base in Thane PIOFL attracting students from all over Mumbai and beyond, the institute is planning to add Chinese language coaching as well and is looking forward to provide franchisee option to budding entrepreneurs.