Center for Foreign Languages: Grooming Linguistically Proficient & Culturally Competent Learners

K Rajeev,   Founder

K Rajeev, Founder

Economic globalization and social mobility in the current scenario has raised the demand of learning foreign languages apart from English. Learning a new language is not limited to linguistic proficiency, cultural competence is also important. Established as a tuition centre for French language for the school and college going students of Chennai in 1991, Center for Foreign Languages (CFL), 28 years down the line, is a top notch institution for foreign language training. Over the years, CFL has taken the whole process of cost effective language training to the next level – from mere vocabulary building to getting acquainted with the culture of the language speaking community.

The highly tech savvy professional trainers updated and upgraded to the latest trends, design customized coaching curriculum to cater to the individual requirements of each learner. The same is then discussed with the management and experts at various key stages; this along with the constructive feedbacks and suggestions put-
forth in peer meetings result in highly tailor-made innovations in teaching-learning methodology. This helps the learners, irrespective of their age, to not just crack the international exams, but also develop an overall perspective.

"CFL has taken the whole process of cost effective language training to the next level – from mere vocabulary building to getting acquainted with the culture of the language speaking community"

Innovating Teaching Pedagogy
The traditional classroom concept is substituted with the innovative and interactive ‘flipped classroom’ methodology, enhancing the learners to imbibe most of the learning.The content based course instruction and domain specific mentoring centred curriculum also includes a range of extra-curricular activities like screening of international movies and language workshops, making the learners engaged and excited. The audio visual simulated classrooms with real time chat facility makes learning a new experience.

“Language is n’t simply about words and phrases or grammar and pronunciation. Language is deeply rooted in culture and vice versa,” asserts K Rajeev, Founder, CFL. The periodical visits of native speakers provide the learners with a first-hand exposure to the language and the authentic cultural context. This results in the better understanding, thereby developing the ability to produce spoken language for personally meaningful social and business interactions.
Accommodating learners from all age groups, the founder adds, “You are never too old to learn a new language”. The innovative and customised curriculum is adaptable to all learners regardless of their focus – be it international diplomacy, sustainability, global health or any other field. Furthermore, the balanced data approach and explicit teaching of the vocabulary along with multiple opportunities to practice the language makes CFL stand apart.

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation and regular mock tests with grading system ensure that the students imbibe best of the international exam (including D.E.L.F (French), START DEUTSCH (German), D.E.L.E (Spanish) and N.L.P.T (Japanese)) patterns and crack these exams with high scores. With an array of satisfied clients such as Cognizant, Alcatel and Sathyam, CFL has alliance with other similar language training institutes. Also, institutes like Pearl Academy of Fashion, GKM, Madras University and Everonn Education have tried and tested the latest teaching-learning modules of CFL.

Having recently tied-up with ZEFT English Labs – a leading brand of language service provider, this IAO certified institute will soon cater coaching for international standardized English exams like IELTS, GRE and TOEFL. With initiatives to have franchises in Chennai and Bahrain, and expanding teacher training programs for faculties of foreign languages, the future is bright for CFL.