Akanksha English Academy: An Institute for All Major Standardized English Exams

Madhuvanti Kumar,  Director

Madhuvanti Kumar, Director

“A child without education is a bird without wings”– this Tibetan proverb is very relevant in this globalised century. Moving towards a global village, the very notion of education is changing. Apart from imparting theoretical knowledge and mark scoring, today, the focus is on the overall development of an individual. As a part of this, many Universities have already implemented student exchange programmes apart from foreign student scholarships. In India, students migrating to foreign countries such as U.S., UK, Canada and Australia is a growing trend.

However, it’s not easy to crack the admission tests of these foreign universities without proper preparation. With a vision of embarking on quality coaching for the students who aspire to study abroad or get a PR visa, Akanksha English Academy(AEA) was established in 2013 in Bangalore. The word Akanksha in Sanskrit means ‘desire or wish’; the desire to impart quality education to aspiring students at a reasonable
cost is the driving force of AEA.

AEA offers coaching for almost all major standardized English exams, including IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE and SAT. When a student enrolls, a primary diagnostic test is conducted, on the basis of which, students are categorized into above average, average and below average. This helps the institute to customize its training program for each student accordingly. For below average students, AEA trains them for IELTS grammar, which takes care of their language needs, and once prepared, they are put through actual questionnaires for standardized English exams.

"Our aim is not just to prepare the aspirant for the exams, but an overall personality development. Hence we even conduct expert panel discussion that helps them develop holistically"

“Our aim is not just to prepare the aspirant for the exams, but an overall personality development. Hence, we even conduct expert panel discussion that helps them develop holistically,” says Madhuvanthi Kumar, Director, AEA. Conducting periodical mock tests also prepare the students to tackle the final exams within the timeframe. In addition to this, answer script of each student goes through two stages of evaluation – one at the faculty level and the second by the Director herself. This improves the effectiveness of correction and at the same time helps to understand the strength & weakness of each student.
Providing Futuristic Education
The audio-visual aided classrooms make the classes more interesting and student-oriented. It also conducts various activities which help in improving the learner’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The projector enabled classrooms and flexible class hours are an added advantage to AEA. The institute also has a magazine library comprising of a collection of international magazines focused on travel, demography and other related information that will help students prepare ars of strength of AEA. Prof. Vaidyanathan, Senior Faculty, AEA, has more than 35 years of experience in training to his credit. Other faculty members like K V Ramaswamy, Gouri Ramakrishnan and Lakshmi Venkataraman also have over ten years of experience each. Madhuvanti herself is a professionally trained faculty who has been in the field for over a decade.

AEA has been certified by IDP: IELTS Australia, Pearson Test of English, British Council, UK and ETS (U.S.), and has also partnered with Study Metro and ESBEE Global Consultants. With a 60 percent increase in revenue growth since last year, the institute now aims to open a couple of new branches in the next two years while incorporating different methodologies, innovative and creative techniques to improve its teaching methodologies.