Merittude: Ensuring the Best Career Trajectory for Students & Working Professionals

Madhuri Mohan, FounderUnlike the old days when students used to plan their career nearing their matriculation, today’s students need to pave the way at quite an early age. In this journey, parents are an integral part of their decision making process. But with the vast array of career choices we have today, there lies a huge confusion and lack of knowledge among the students and parents alike. What is more scary is reliance on hearsay and opinions of others, which generally result in making bad career choices. The need of the hour is a well structured approach to career counselling that will provide them the clarity on the future roadmap, thus saving costs, reducing stress and leading to growth & happiness.

Through its structured career mapping, Merittude provides a 10-year roadmap for career development to not just children from sixth grade, but even to working professionals. This enables the company to chartout a tailored career path that will compliment personality, interests and skills of the students/ individuals. The process starts with holistically comprehending every individual through effective use of online psychometric tools using five-dimensional approach to career mapping - analyse personality, career interests, career motivators, learning styles, and aptitude. “This comprehensive assessment forms the crux of our career guidance process and allows us to gain holistic understanding of
the individual and helps us provide focused guidance on the suitability of various career paths,” asserts Madhuri Mohan, Founder, Merittude.

A behavioural psychologist, special educator, career counsellor and trained psychometric analyst with a masters in Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, Madhuri has grown Merittude as a holistic development centre providing a gamut of services, including psycho educational evaluation and intervention for children with learning difficulties, ADHD and autism, counselling for various behavioural & emotional problems, teacher training workshops, student development workshops and parent workshops.

The Great Counselling
Having 18 career clusters that it assesses, 150+ career paths and 3000+ occupations to explore from, Merittude is known to offer a wide range of career counselling services for different groups of individuals based on age and requirement. “From grades 2-7, we have multiple intelligence and learning style assessments that help understand what are a child’s developing preferences and what learning methodologies will be most helpful to aid in the learning process,” explains Madhuri. For eighth grade, Merittude has the subject stream selector, helping students to make important subject choices based on personality, interests and skills, for their boards.

Merittude offers comprehensive career mapping using the five-dimensional approach for students from grades 9th -12th, to find the most suitable career paths, while its engineering stream selector test helps clear confusion of students who want to select engineering as their stream. For those graduates and working professionals who are unsure of what the next steps are to midlevel/senior professionals, Merittude helps them with its Career Mapping program for professionals.

The company’s online career assessment is backed by a comprehensive 32-page report generated almost immediately after the assessment is completed. Its software program assesses the five dimensions, matches it with Merittude’s vast database of various careers, chooses the top-4 career clusters, provides career options for each cluster, generating over 25 career options, and highlights the percentage of match with interest and skills. This helps the counselors focus on relevant career options and be more specific while guiding the clients.

Going forward, the company has blueprints ready to expand PAN India and build a robust channel network in tier-I and tier-II cities. “Perspective, potential, excellence is our motto and we want to spread the same,” signs-off Madhuri.