Aiuto Consulting: A Leading Institution Offering Customized Foreign Language Training

Shekhar Vats,   Founder- Director

Shekhar Vats, Founder- Director

It may sound clichéd, but in today’s era, learning a new language and having good command over it can unlock plenty of opportunities for a candidate. Whether viewed from the financial or social aspect, being able to communicate in a foreign language helps individuals to make ‘real’ connection with people and provide a better understanding of their motives. The desire to become prominent in a language other than their native language is expanding globally, where ambitious students are opting for various foreign courses. Fulfilling this demand with its best-in-class courses is Aiuto Consulting, a Kolkata-based foreign language training institute with specific design of courses for the specific needs of the desired candidates and working professionals. “We capture the requirements of the candidate and customize the curriculum for them. We then design the modules in such a way that people who have opted for language training program will enjoy the whole curriculum, content and duration of the class,” states Shekhar Vats, Founder - Director, Aiuto Consulting.
Bringing Proficiency in Foreign Languages
Aiuto offers an array of foreign language training in the form of short term and long term courses, which cover around 16 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic and many more. But the most opted language is German, as many candidates from India are now visiting Germany for perusing their career in Medical. The institute also offers pre-eminent training on the second most opted language–Spanish, as many people who have the love for music, art & designing, prefer to move to Spain. Candidates also prefer learning French besides Arabic which adds advantage to their Aviation and Information Technology career.

"Aiuto offers an array of foreign language training in the form of short term and long term courses, which covers around 16 languages"

Deploying all kinds of Audio/Video technologies and creative methods used across its courses, Aiuto believes that listening is imperative to learn a language when compared to speaking and writing. The institute provides entire materials required to the students and round the clock support for their doubts. The course duration in Aiuto differs from 24-120 hours based on the level of the certification and the courses. Most importantly, all the courses are provided with free lifetime membership, wherein candidates can avail practice sessions free of
cost, even after their course completion.

Aiuto’s training types comprise of training at the centre (Kolkata), on-site & off-site corporate training for Corporates, online training and more. Training at this institute is imparted by highly professional and skilled training team comprising of C1 & C2 certified trainers with teaching experience of almost 12 years. The institute also leverages professional trainers with industry experience who are working in different companies as translators and interpreters to provide knowledge of the real-time environment.

To ensure proper flow in learning, Aiuto takes regular feedback from the students, wherein it analyses their understanding for each class and provides them with suitable solutions for their issues /concerns, Feedbacks are collected from the trainers too. Being prominently strict about data security of the students, Aiuto uses highly secured tools and techniques to deliver its online services. Other than language training courses, Aiuto also offers IELTS examination preparation and OET for medical professionals, and is looking forward to add GRE/GMAT exam preparation in its offerings. Started in 2016 with an aim to create new age professionals in the field of language learning, solutions and services, Aiuto has already established its strong base in Kolkata and is expecting to expand across North & West India by next year.