Transforming The Future Of The Nation

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorEducation has always been the crux of Indian culture since time immemorial. What is even more aesthetic to us is that we treat our ‘Gurus’ as ‘Gods’, which makes the teacher-student relationship even stronger. Hence there is an increase responsibility on the teachers to not just provide education, but teach students the ethics, culture and values from the very beginning. Going by this philosophy, the education leaders are working on making valuable changes in the education ecosystem where they not
just provide world-class curriculum but train their staff and students to be responsible citizens and beings.

Featuring some of such leaders from the field of education is our current issue of siliconIndia Education Leaders Book – 2019. We bring to you the story of some of the most eminent names from the sector who have been transforming the ecosystem for the better. Their continuous efforts to make education affordable while employable and their strategies to keep apace with the changing need of the hour is what make them stand out from the rest. The featured leaders are looked upon by many from the industry not only within the nation but globally to provide them guidance to inculcate such values in their education system.

Taking their students through a journey of self-discovery to making them industry ready, we salute their efforts and enthusiasm to make a positive dent in the education system. Read to know more about their struggle, strategies, methodologies and their future plans to transform the future of the nation.

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