Helping Us Sail Through The Tough Professional Sea With Ease

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWith Sunder Pechai becoming the CEO of Google, it is a rock solid fact that Indians are great leaders who are now ruling the top tech companies of the world and devising the right strategies for their organizations. However, these leaders are mostly the ones who moved out of India to pursue their dreams. But why not within India? Does India lack the systematic ladder to make an employee a leader? What is it that we need to fill in?

While questions are many, the answer is to create a culture of
learning to promote leadership. Though it's usually said that leaders cannot be created, but we can surely do so by guiding them through the entire transition process, from being an emerging leader to being a proficient leader. Helping them in and out in this journey are the leadership trainers. These trainers are not just creating the next line of great leaders but also enabling them to unleash their inner power in their personal front too, thus building the much needed confidence.

Understand the need of the hour, we at siliconIndia brings to you `10 Most Promising Leadership Training Providers ­ 2019', a list of such trainers who build customized courses based on need analysis of every participant, and even walks with them post course completion to ensure they not just learn the process but implement it in real world. We also bring to you our cover story on `Tata Management Training Centre: Making Tata Leaders Future-Ready through a Trend-Setting Engagement Model'. Under the headship of Emmanuel David (Director), the company is inculcating not just the leadership traits but the values that make a professional a real Tata family member. Read to know more about them.

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