Many Dreams, One Destination - The Perfect Gurukul

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorThe traditional Indian learning was more of experiential learning where in gurukuls the gurus taught students practically starting from ethics to science, geology to astronomy, planetary science to management and more. With time, we lost this charm and went deep into the rote learning mode and finally went far away from the most exciting & interactive way of learning. However, with time, we realized its importance again and are now moving towards making experiential learning a part and parcel of our curriculum. We are indeed going strong on this.
However, many colleges are still working towards implementing learning through doing, which may take some time. But with the growing need of the industry to get skilled workforce is indeed pushing the colleges to incorporate more practical knowledge implementation like industrial visits, guest faculty from industry and international universities, workshops, festivals and more cultural exchanges to make the students a global professional. But the mantra lies in finding that one college that provides all of these under one roof. From a vast range of curriculum to having industry experts speak during classroom sessions, from hi-end laboratories to libraries that contain millions of books in digital and print forms, from techsavvy campus that is tightly secured to having the best of extracurricular activities for healthy mind & body, today’s colleges have to live up to many things.

Hence, to ease your search, we bring to you our latest edition of siliconindia Education Magazine’s ‘College of the Year - 2019’. Post detailed due diligence and months of research, we shortlisted and then finalized few colleges that fit all the above mentioned requirements. Their aim is to become the most trusted knowledge partner for their students’ personal & professional growth. Read to know more about them.
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