Offbeat Courses for Students who are open to Experiments

Dr. Raj Singh, Professor & Vice Chancellor, Ansal University, GurugramThe generation of young enthusiasts has wrecked the restraints of mainstream courses and moved on marginally to other creative courses. While numerous new specialization fields are coming up every day, the education sector is slowly becoming a worldwide edification hub.

Similarly, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Culinary Art are some of the emerging courses that are attracting career-oriented youth. Having the world’s largest population of young people, India has to line up the higher education sector with the demands of the new age. With emerging technologies and advancements there are a plethora of opportunities and experiences to be had. So it’s necessary for the institutions to do the essential preliminaries to gravitate the youth towards a career they won’t regret choosing eventually in life.

For an effective profession, students need familiarity, self-reliance, abstract & procedural skills, and communal skills which only come with time and experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the top-notch offbeat courses students can consider while planning to set foot and choose a career path:

1. Tourism & Hospitality – Education is constantly evolving and progressing in the field of tourism and hospitality. This course provides international exposure to the students and embryonic inclinations
in the hospitality and culinary trade worldwide. Courses in hospitality and tourism have been there for a while, but it is also gaining momentum as demand is on the rise. The hospitality school nowadays also boasts tie-ups with nation-wide and international hotel brands for training, internship, and placement for students for a better and promising future. Hospitality schools refine and polish the skill sets of the students with a dash of international exposure in the world of hospitality, thus acting as a catalyst in the overall development acquainting current industry trends and buoyancy.

2. Ethical Hacking/Cybersecurity - With more and more people entering the engineering sphere, opportunities like cyber security emerged to contribute to the modernization. Cyber security is a sanctuary platform which safeguards the brand and businesses from cyber-attacks. Students in this domain will learn tactics and methodologies to protect and safeguard the data and information, running risk breakdowns, cloud-based security and much more with this program.

3. Robotics & AI - Robotics and Artificial intelligence is a multi-disciplinary field and there are numerous opportunities to explore in this field. If somebody wants to design a robot's body then one needs expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering. On the other hand, if one wants to study robots mind and behavior then you will need a background in both electrical engineering and computer sciences.

4. Urban/ Regional Planning & Development - The curriculum establishes the significance of physical forecasting that endeavours to accomplish the utmost eminence in the metropolitan and provincial spaces along with their progression. This course embraces strong connections to provincial planning and metropolitan planning, in mandate to produce specialist’s to respond to the obstacles found at urban and regional development front.

When it comes to higher education there are a plethora of opportunities one can explore. Higher education not only uplifts students’ potential and productivity but also give them learning experience on and off the field, this will ensure a bright and promising future for them. Universities are also shaping the overall personalities of the students by making them engage in research projects, seminars, and workshops. Apart from studies, the institutes also give importance to extra-curricular activities which will boost confidence in students and help in their development of intellectual, emotional and moral growth.