5 Mistakes Parents Should Avoid With Teens

Vasant Kallola, Author, Speaker & TrainerVasant has spent over three decades in the corporate realm, working with companies such as Tata Group Company and Viom Networks. He is also a skillful writer and has authored IT’S OKAY TO FAIL, MY SON, and Fit at Thirty+, which both received overwhelming response from the readers community.

There is a saying‘Parents are representatives of Gods on Earth’. Parenting also means ‘Sacrifice’ of choices, personal time and what not. And daily, most parents carry out these sacrifices happily, but still they are deprived of the acknowledgement or satisfaction of being a good or a happy parent. There has been a serious issue that hugely affects teens. Before they reach to adulthood, one in five kids will experience a serious psychological disorder. During teen ages, they are lot more anxious; they are more likely prone to selfharm & bullying, and are at risk of promiscuous sexual behaviour.

Following are five major mistakes parents make with teens–
•Stop Being Friend With Your Kid: Raising teenagers in today’s world can be challenging for parents. Apparently, endless changes in technology present a diversity of issues parents can find themselves dealing with, in addition to the usual concerns that parents face with their kids. Many parents believe that they need to take on more of a friend role
with their children in order to gain trust and approval. That’s a bad approach to go about building relationship with them during some of their most important years. Parents should set limitations, implement rules and guide them to make smart & safe choices.

•Maintaining Discipline too Much: Right from birth, maintaining discipline and enforcing rules is indispensable with teens, and tends to be in certain limitations as far as they can. However, being a parent, having too much control over their behavior isn’t the right way to up-bring them. Sometimes, it’s necessary for you to allow your teens to make mistakes and deal with the consequences on their own.

•Snooping in Small Stuffs: Sometimes, it happens you don’t like your daughter or son’s haircut, or choice of dressing. Many parents don’t let their kids grow up to involve in pain, disappointment or failure. Rather than making them face the reality, they protect their child and take away the valuable learning opportunities before they are out on their own. You still are on their comfort, especially in dressing and hours they stay out. Challenge yourself and let your child know that you can trust them.

•Pampering Too Much: We all love our kids and want them to be the best. Every parent tries to upbring their kids in settle manner. But on other hand, you look the other way when your child is getting involved in negative activities rather keeping an eye on it. We act a blind eye to a bad behaviour, just because you want to avoid skirmishes, and simply stop believing that their teen is actually doing wrong. As parents, we need to step-in whenever necessary and look out for hypothetically harmful and bad behavior.

•Pressuring Them Too Much: As parents, we simply expect too much from our kids. Stop putting pressure on them, whether it’s regards to their behavior,schoolwork,or extracurricular activities. Start trusting your kids because you know your child better than anyone. Give them their own space and time to think & decide between right and wrong. Allow them to make mistakes and learn from them,and set reasonable prospects.

With grace and ease, you can handle your teen by striking the right balance. Avoid these mistakes and build strong relationship with your child that will last into adulthood.