The importance of a strong foundation for quality education

Nitin Vijay, renowned by the name of NV Sir amongst students is an educationist-cum-entrepreneur working towards the novel cause of providing quality education to students.He went ahead with the plan of shaping the future of the students by imparting insightful knowledge he had gained over his years of journey.The passion to impart knowledge, and make education accessible to all motivated him to venture into the field of entrepreneurship.

How the school lottery system pays for school, study materials, living expenses, and other expenses?
The lottery system’s aims to benefit as many students as possible. The institute strives to provide them with accommodation, study material, and coaching fees, and cover other expenses as well. For achieving this, we utilize the income generated from various social media platforms, mainly YouTube to pay for the miscellaneous expenditure of the students.

How do you focus on improving the foundation, which ultimately aids in excelling in other sections of the exam?
Teaching the students for such a long time, I have come to realize the importance of building a strong conceptual understanding and practical knowledge for aiding in the various facets of the exam. Leveraging technology to bring about the customization of education as per the strengths and weaknesses of an individual can help in a great way to improve the understanding and foundation of the student.

Technology allows students to practice and develop problem-solving skills by offering interactive video lectures, practice tests, and personalized feedback

Understanding the nuances of laying a strong foundation, we work towards building the concepts of the students from a very early age. For this, we have Foundation Division which focuses on developing a child's personality. We regularly organize numerous Olympiad exams that are crucial in developing the reasoning and analytical abilities of the students and at the same time give them an idea of the competitive exams.

Why do you believe that the institute focuses on improving students' foundations by prioritizing quality over quantity of education? And please explain how.
It is a common saying that studying one thing 100 times is better than covering 100 topics one time. This itself establishes the importance of quality over quantity. For laying a strong foundation it is crucial that students develop a deep understanding of fundamental concepts, which is essential for their overall academic and personal growth. This indicates the importance of thorough learning laying emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

We focus on quality of education by providing students with practical knowledge with real-world application of concepts. This helps them excel in their future endeavors. In addition to this, there is a Foundation Division as well that emphasizes personality development aimed at fostering a culture of critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, which are valuable assets for succeeding in all areas of life.

"Combining multiple subjects into a mixed curriculum can help in sustainable development and understanding of the topic or subject."

Which education technique enables the learners to obtain skills, knowledge, or behavior by involving in situations similar to real life?
Looking at how the world is changing at a fast pace along with the growing inquisitiveness of the students, experimental learning can be considered to be the way forward for a more immersive education system. This is an active approach for learners to experience real-world scenarios or situations where they can apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. This type of learning is highly effective as it engages the students in a more meaningful way. Providing them with a deeper understanding of the subject, it helps in creating a long-lasting impact on their memory. At the same time, the innovative teaching technique enhances the skills needed to succeed in the real world.

Furthermore, integrating technology with experimental learning can replicate real-world scenarios, allowing learners to engage in virtual experiences. Technology allows students to practice and develop problem-solving skills by offering interactive video lectures, practice tests, and personalized feedback. It aids students in developing a deep understanding of the subjects and topics covered in the exam.

Which of the following teaching strategies allows students to use knowledge and skills from various subjects to understand and analyze sustainability issues? And which type of learning target refers to students using their knowledge and reasoning to act skillfully?
Combining multiple subjects into a mixed curriculum can help in sustainable development and understanding of the topic or subject. It allows students to see how different areas of knowledge are divided but at the same time, work collectively to create sustainable solutions. It has a major contribution to helping students understand complex issues and problems from a variety of perspectives. This comes in handy in solving lengthy questions involving a multi-faceted approach.

Do you think standardized testing is the most effective way to judge learning?
According to me, standardized testing is important because it sets a benchmark to evaluate the performance of the students. Though it should not be considered an effective way to judge learning but can help in identifying the weakness and strengths of the students. It gives an insight into the individual's hold on the topics or concepts to strategize better and prioritize their studies. Taking tests helps individuals to actively engage with the material they are studying, which can promote deeper learning and retention of information.