The EdTech Market's Future: Live Online Coaching

Manoj Mohite is an accomplished management professional and entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Business. He's a Business Unit Head of Plufo, a fast emerging Edtech company offering live online classes. Manoj has contributed in creating and executing growth strategies for multiple startups over the years including one of his own.

The last couple of years, pandemic regulations that resulted in schools being closed and parents frantically looking for ways to support their children's online classes have made India's EdTech industry on a phenomenal upsurge.

EdTech: After the Outbreak!

Technological advancements and the pandemic situation have accelerated the digitization of India's educational ecosystem. The way forward for the country’s education sector is a thriving ecosystem focused on meeting the needs of students and building institutions with better accessibility.

Today scores of e-learning institutions in India have attained unicorn status, with a market valuation of a billion dollars or more.

India's EdTech Market is expected to Grow

Conversely, the education industry's Goliath have seen their revenues skyrocket in India with some on course to make more than billions in revenue by 2021. Not only that, but Indian Education technology startups have bloomed, developed and solidified data breakneck pace too.

A Critical Study

Unethical business practices that go overboard, such as over promises, cheating with parents, and even a toxic sales culture have recently been identified as driving the strong growth for some big names, according to digital mediums and online discussion forums.

"The success of companies that expertly target core industries in developing areas will determine their fortunes”, stated an industry analyst.

Indian EdTech going Global

The growing market values of the industry and statistics on economic expansion come not only from the huge market opportunities in India, especially the rapidly rising expectations of the rural Indian community, but also from the potential to go global.

Statista estimate that the K1 to K12 education industry will be valued at $1.16 billion in 2020. In comparison, the industry for skill development was valued at less than $500 million. The entire market valuation was worth $2.8 billion in 2020, but this is expected to skyrocket by 2025, with the total market size increasing to $10.4 billion.

"Since EdTech start-ups and the huge EdTech funded unicorns have already impacted K12 learning, the standardized education system remains unusually and largely

Unexplored,” said a spokesperson for, a swiftly emerging EdTech company offering live online coaching.

Why are LIVE Online Coaching Classes superior to in-person coaching centers?

Not all e-learning platforms offer well-structured LIVE Online Coaching for CBSE students. The curriculum, course modules and tests should be perfectly designed to meet everyone's needs and requirements of students. Additionally, teachers should have an agile plan that allows students to learn at their own pace.

Students get a range of benefits with LIVE Online Coaching Classes, including the ability to study with top CBSE tutors besides saving time and money, as compared to any other coaching center. LIVE Online Coaching Courses that can be explored later for more in-depth understanding and feedback, along with fun and engaging standardized tests, as recommended by the CBSE program, are best.

The Function of LIVE Online Coaching Classes in EdTech

Some of the most important aspects of LIVE Online Coaching are as follows: Participation encourages students to clarify their doubts in the classroom itself. Personalized assessment tests linked to online coaching courses allow parents to track their children's growth in various subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science, covered in class. LIVE Coaching will be similar to traditional offline coaching institutes, but with the added benefit of providing access to top-level teachers from the comfort of their homes.

How an After-School, LIVE Online Coaching Class such as is making it big?

It’s a unique coaching platform for CBSE students who have significant learning needs. This is a LIVE Online Coaching that helps students develop broader knowledge on different subjects, allowing them to perform better in their standardized tests cores.

For students from Nursery to Grade 8, they offer LIVE Online Coaching at their preferred time and location, with a focus on maintaining a healthy student-teacher ratio. It mainly focuses on learning all subjects including English, Math, Science and other important subjects. Additionally, their teachers are specially trained to improve students' understanding through online and face-to-face teaching.