Robotics: Shaping the Future of Millions

Tarun Bhalla, Founder & CEO, AvishkaarIn the current competitive climate, the need for innovation in education has increased manifold. And with technology seeping into every sphere of our lives, it becomes imperative that our education system in schools should also change course from rote-based to experiential based education. Development of life skills -- problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork and decision making – is an important facet and it cannot be taught in traditional classroom environment.

Remember the late 80s, when computer revolution took over the Indian subcontinent and all the good schools went into a race to set up laboratories in order to impart necessary computer skills to the school kids. It is the same situation now with advanced computers taking over the basic computer skills -- Robotics is that future.

Education should always be about preparing students for the future and hence the focus on robotics is very crucial. Robots have become a part of our homes (Alexa anyone?), our phones (Siri and Google Assistant come to mind) and with increasing number of robotics
clubs being opened in schools, students are finally getting exposure to the technology of tomorrow. is being used everywhere and a student needs to understand the basics to be able to develop into an innovator who can come out with futuristic additions in the times to come.

The beauty of robotics is that it promotes holistic development of children through focusing on application of core life skills and STEAM learning. It gives students the much-needed creative liberty and analytical skills to approach problems with an open and curious mind. Robotics if used properly in schools can help the students become active learners rather than learning passively through old-school teaching methods.

Introduction of robotics will also open up avenues for exciting career paths which students would have never thought were open to them - aerospace, defense, manufacturing, healthcare & medical research, entertainment, construction and more.
You take a look around you and you’ll find robots enmeshing themselves in our lives making it a whole lot easier and simpler. From restaurants to operation theatres, from nursing homes to classrooms, to our homes; robots are bringing about a fundamental change in the way we live our lives.

Schools have a critical role to play in shaping the future of our children and by hedging our bets on robots is the way to go. With new advancements being made in the field with each passing year, there’s no limit what can be achieved. Who would have thought a decade or two ago that driverless cars could become a reality one day? But today behemoths like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Waymo (subsidiary of Alphabet), Nvidia, Huawei, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Samsung, et al have invested huge sums of money on this technology.

So, let’s give our children the opportunity to explore robotics industry and the power to shape their destiny.