India Ready to be a Global Education Hub with a Motive of #EducationForAll

An owner of a versatile personality, Dr. Niranjan’s dream objective is to enable an academic curriculum which would shape the young minds and transform them into an industry ready profile.

India has been a land of legendary scholars who introduced affirmative contributions in the field of science, mathematics, economics, literature, peace/non-violence, democracy, and others. To name a few eminent personalities, India takes pride in inventions of individuals like Aryabhatta, a mathematician and an astronomer, who introduced the world to the conception of zero and placed India on the global map with his research. There are several proofs in Vedas, Upanishads and other scripts that support the rich knowledge and ways of implementing. In order to sustain India as a confluence of education, the system is striving towards the desired goal by evolving in multiple aspects and avenues.

In golden ancient days when the Indian land had Taxila University as it is called today, Nalanda University, Vikramashila University, Somapura University and others that formed the rich foundations for higher education; much before the Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) came into presence. That era epitomized the rich legacy of profound thinkers and scientists which embarked on the journey of wisdom and knowledge, far beyond just mere academic education. Currently, Indian education system is a convergence of creation, discoveries, and revolution all at once. This is building our nation as one of the emerging educational hubs of Asia and the framework is being laid down to seize this possibility into strength. This will have a wide open impact on the economic progression in the coming future.

A reformative national education policy proposed after three decades with a motive of effective implementation shapes a pathway to make education available for all. This education policy is like a platform for both domestic and foreign students which is envisaged to be met with an idea of liberal education that uplifts the future human capital. The new policy is intended at getting a sustainable change right from the inception of the student's learning curve, which molds them to be futuristic and industry ready. This learning is majorly focused on conceptual learning and expertise. Additionally, the education cost structure is sought and expected to be laid down in an affordable range even in affiliations with universities or any institutions from a foreign land thus making it financially viable for each of the aspiring candidates. This directs us to strive for a global reach and pledge education for all. In short, an integrated approach is led with NEP 2020 that if constructively executed is likely to be proven as an excellent step by the Government of India, to convert India into a knowledge giant in the 21st century.

To be further recognized as a centre of reliable source for attaining education that can be put into practice in the chosen career path, internationalization is an essential course of action. The worldwide employment outlines have progressively become a pointer of the institutional value of higher education institutions and are an influential measure of the real-world effect of universities and their role as knowledge designers. The upgrading plan highlights that consideration must be rewarded to Indian universities in the global rankings and the standards most importantly to succeed in the International rankings, especially the reputation of research and publications. On a subsidiary note, aspects that are an outcome of ranking embrace academic innovation, knowledgeable freedom, and research excellence which are regularly encouraged.

A reformative national education policy proposed after three decades with a motive of effective implementation shapes a pathway to make education available for all

Successful associations with cross border institutions that lift the spirits of young minds to learn keeping the age bar at bay is a sign of growth in each facet and Indians are rapidly progressing towards that avenue. India holds a great potential to be a global hub in terms of higher education -a dream that needs to eliminate vagaries in terms of safety and security, augment societal acceptance, and facilitate advanced standard of allied services for students, and others. These refinements are likely to highly influence international students, global faculties and every associated institution that can uplift the student exchange or affect stature in the conversion process.

If we rightly recall, the entire campaign of #EducationForAll ignited by the fearless activist Malala Yousafzai, who took a bullet for education. Although this movement initiated for the rights of girls to seek education, it made an impact on every leader who understands the importance of education. Every individual deserves rights to education and be a contributor to the change in a right spirit!