Impact Of Technology In Early Education

Sourabh Agarwal, Founder, Illumine IndiaAn NIT Tiruchirappalli alumnus, Sourabh was associated with Oracle and Media IQ Digital, prior to incepting Illumine India in 2017.

The day a child is born, parents are born with it. The journey to raise a child is an emotional roller coaster ride and it requires enormous amounts of understanding, patience, and hard work. The challenges during these transitions are different for working parents, and more so, for a working mother.

In today's world of convenience, there are lots of options which come to the rescue for such parents. Many times, the grandparents wilfully turn up to support for a few months to a few years in some cases. Another option being fulltime nannies however has its own pros and cons. The most common option, especially in cities, are either daycares or crèche. Daycares do unburden the mothers to some extent.

However, a new challenge comes into picture when the child starts day cares. It's called the Guilt Phase for working mothers. Mothers are subject to ridiculous levels of pressure to get things right that leads to unwarranted anxieties and guilt. Mothers are overwhelmed with the guilt of not being able to spend enough time with the little bundle of their joys. They feel left out in those 7-8 hours and miss out on many precious moments. They are constantly worried whether their kid is eating well, sleeping well, not getting hurt. All in all, whether they are happy enough, sometimes, they even miss out on important things like first steps, first sentences. The kids learn and grow very fast in schools, especially when they are with other kids. This is not just a women's issue anymore since the changing nature of our financial environment necessitates a two-income household.

Technology in Early Education­ An
Integral Part of Teaching
Using technology in early education is rapidly becoming an integral part of teaching children the essential skills they need to form the basis for future learning. Many day cares provide a live streaming option, which is very helpful. Parents can check on their kid's time to time. Again, hogging on the live stream might not be a very convenient solution. It starts hampering work life when parents keep checking live stream. In fact, checking on their kid's routine is not practically possible on a live stream. For this, some day cares provide daily reports on the child's day spent.

In the coming time technology will play crucial role by assisting teachers and parents in their busy life and connect them with little ones

On analyzing these solutions provided by modern-day day-cares or crèche, one thing becomes very clear that efficient use of technology is absent in this area. Imagine, if you could get real-time notifications on your mobile about your child's finished meals, nap times and even diaper changes all without manual intervention by the teacher. It would be such a relief for parents to know what activities their kids participated in and how it went with pictures & videos of their child enjoying the same. In today's smartphone generation, practically everyone has a web presence through Whatsapp or Facebook. We end up having numerous apps on our mobiles with hundreds of notifications popping up. However, if the notifications concern what is going on with their kids, it would give so many little moments of happiness.

But how can technology be used to enhance the curriculum of your child care centre and make the day to day operations of your facility simpler? Collaboration with parents is critical in determining the best learning path. Technology can bridge this gap by providing a real-time engagement platform which provides regular updates on activities & milestone of little ones. A lot of memories are built during kid's time in daycares which never reaches to their parents and even if it reaches, it is on unsecured social media.

Open and transparent daycares win parents trust. To win parents trust they have to put a tremendous amount of effort. AI-based technology platform like Illumine smartly does this all without adding any overhead on teachers. It automatically captures moments of kids and shares them with their parents. It takes away the need of the manual intervention of the teachers from mundane tasks like attendance by using facial recognition. Using activity detection on live streams it automatically determines the activity kid is doing and updates the parents using real-time notification. These updates offer parents peace of mind and can ease their fears about missing important milestones in their child's development while they are absent. It lets a parent stay closely connected with the nuances of school life and growing up.

In the coming time technology will play crucial role by assisting teachers and parents in their busy life and connect them with little ones. After all it takes a community to raise a child.