How Far AI Can Take EdTech in India

Mayank Srivastava, Founder, Experts’ GlobalEducational Technology or EdTech is about deployment of technology in imparting education. By the virtue of being progressive and adaptive, the education industry as well as the student body has always embraced technology for making the worthy pursuit of knowledge dissemination better and efficient. The last two decades saw great use of technology in education through extensive use of search engines, live webinars, video streaming, and specialized applications and tools for training needs. With artificial intelligence getting smarter and machine learning solutions successfully employed in a variety of use-cases, AI is set to make lasting transformation on how education is disseminated. Particularly in a country like India where cultural, economic, and geographical disparities are huge, EdTech can provide a fabric for quality education for all. Here are some of the main ways in which artificial intelligence will take EdTech deeper and further…

Adaptive Learning Solutions

Every student, owing to one’s natural aptitude for different subjects, has different learning requirements- a problem faced by all educators alike but with no sustainable solutions. Machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence that learns through the data gathered by user behavior, can address this difficulty by identifying the patterns in one’s performance and molding a learning program to suit one’s educational needs. For example, machine learning based algorithms can examine the performance of a student on an exercise and diagnose one’s key weaknesses; the tool can then suggest conceptual material for addressing the weakness.

For a student whose diagnosis suggests no such lacuna, the tool shall recommend proceeding to the next stage of learning. The EdTech entrepreneurs can develop educational solutions deploying such machine learning algorithms to bring this transformation of helping each student have an adaptive learning module rather than a standard one, as is currently the case.

Employment of Deep Learning

Deep learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brains through artificially designed neural networks. Such neural
networks are largely computing systems inspired by the biological sensory networks that constitute brain. Meticulously coded algorithms deploying deep learning can use the data obtained from a user behavior to identify one’s cognitive abilities and the lack therein. The EdTech tools can then, accordingly, make learning recommendations (content as well as means/style) suited for one’s cognitive system. Such EdTech solutions can also go a long way in taking decisions around career options, lifestyle preferences, and general day-to-day matters!

Making Classrooms Discussions Driven

EdTech solutions can drastically reduce the time spent by educators in running the errands. All scheduling, organizing, and data keeping needs can be handled by the EdTech tools. Further, artificial intelligence solutions can take care of a lot of grading work; while objective responses can be easily graded through EdTech solutions, the subjective responses are beginning to be assessed through artificial intelligence solutions carrying the cognitive abilities to do the grading. Further, with world class pre-recorded sessions by the best in a discipline, the videos can take the lectures out of the classroom. Hence, AI solutions can help educators spend quality time in the classroom, focusing on discussions and doubt solving- areas where human time shall have its best use!

Deploying Collaborative Tools

World is witness to how effectively technology has been used for collaborating, beyond geographies and cultures, for socializing and leisure. Future will see artificial intelligence deployed for designing tools for collaborating for educational and learning needs. Such tools will bring the student community closer and foster collaborative learning by helping students in learning from one another in interesting, fun ways.