How are Students & Teacher's Relationship Maintained While the Online/Distant Leaning Mode is On?

In matter of weeks COVID-19 has changed the learning and teaching pattern around the world. Those changes give us a glimpse at how education could change in the long term, which is making it even more important for children to continue to learn in an environment that is welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and supportive to all.

Home-schooling have certainly caused a bit of inconvenience, but it has also prompted innovation in teaching and communicating. More use of technology is the major change seen in the teaching and learning pattern across all educational institutions. Although it is too early to speak on how COVID-19 will affect education systems around the world, there are signs suggesting that it could have a lasting impact on the course of learning innovation and digitization.

Teachers and coaches have pushed to bring in some surprising innovations in teaching solutions. In a relatively short span of time online learning tools were augmented with synchronous face-to-face video instruction, to help to ensure students are paying attention.

Students are leveraging online learning, to enhance their creative learning from a distance. They shoot and send over their own videos of playing music or art activities to their teachers or coaches as homework. This is nudging students to learn new digital skills and like shooting, editing and sending the video in the right format to their teachers.

Many teachers have adapted to technology that they weren’t familiar with, overnight are seen putting in maximum efforts to keep their class engaged. However, to keep students engrossed they assign them with different task or activities that relate to their lesson plan. The use of other digital tools or apps are undertaken to have an engaging and interactive learning.

Homeschooling in the affected areas have been finding innovative solutions to continue with quality teaching despite the lack of digital access. Not only video conferencing helped the students and teachers to keep the momentum on, teachers also learnt to use different mode of communication to be available fortheir students, address their doubts and subject related queries solved, especially for the students who require extra attention.

Every student should be treated as an individual online as all teachers would in a classroom space, and with teachers working remotely, they have learnt to use technology as well as adapt content to meet individual needs. During lockdown, teacher’s really miss talking to and interacting with different kidswhen teaching in a class. As a result, they have planned out ways to understand and connect the needs of vulnerable students. That allows students to engage in a weekly and monthly evaluation of their learning to support their long-term memory.

While the need to keep the children active is recognizing, online art education is highly recommended for the young adults. Creative learning institutions have observed to have received high admission midst the pandemic. While teachers are doing a fantastic job in imparting music and art education online, parentsand education institutions have observed it to be beneficial for all students, both physically and mentally. Their benefit includes stimulation of the brain, and improved learning and concentration. While children can’t go out and get the required right brain stimulation, online creative classes are looked upon to provide this. Students need to continue with different forms of online learning, while they make more time for creative activities and learning through creative means.  Hence, more education institutes as well as parents are open to serious music and art education nowadays. The new education policy has given right brain stimulating subjects a bigger push.

While the need to keep the children active is recognizing, online art education is highly recommended for the young adults

This stressful time of COVID-19 has taught students the importance of building toughness to face uncalled situations and came out victorious. It also made them learn the need of quick decision-making, problem solving in a creative and lastly adapt in an unpredictable world like they are doing now.

This is the opportunity brought in by teacher, which needs to keep going to maintain a healthy and interactive learning process for the students during online classes.