Furniture Startups Are Ready To Doll-Up Kids Room With Customization & Personalized Approach

Neha Indoria,  Co-Founder, Boingg!Holding over 13 years of professional experience, Neha has previously worked with HSBC Asset Management, IIFL Wealth Management and Infosys in various capacities.

When it comes to designing their kid’s bedroom, parents want to leave no stone unturned in equipping it with best in class furniture also flaunting lovely designs that would add an enchanting aura to the whole space. For new parents it is a memorable moment to design their little one’s first bedroom with lovely colours and comfortable yet appealing furniture. To them, designing this particular space is more than just a bed, study table or sofa set, but providing their child space which he/she loves. Today, children are drawn to their favourite cartoon character or wooed by a certain animal. But the question is, how to go about it? How to incorporate everything they want in a single bedroom and most importantly not to go overboard with the budget?

The coming of online furniture stores in the country has raised various questions in the mind of buyers. How to ensure the quality of the product? Whether or not the colour and details will be same as mentioned in the description? Would I get a cheaperalternative in the market? Many buyers still prefer to shop offline in the market area, and most of them are on the lookout for something they saw online which looks quite fancy and certainly would appeal their kid. Big e-Commerce giants have a reputation of often delivering false products with many compromises to the quality. The venturing of startups comes as a sudden relief, and lucky for buyers too. Many online furniture selling startups have now come to the front and almost all of them born with an aim to become a popular household name and change the way online furniture buying is thought through. For some, the idea is to provide an exclusive online furniture studio for kids and cater to everything and anything buyers need to glam-up their kid’s bedroom. From beds to play tables to study tables to chairs to storage material, these stores offer a wide range of products and ensure that whatever purchase is made-up of best quality material.

The fresh, funky and out-of-the box ideas incorporated in designs are quite enough to impress every eye. A few of these startups are now ready to deck up your kid’s bedroom with a personalized approach. Whether your kid loves animals, cars, trains or just can’t get over their favourite colour, they can now expect the perfect gift awaiting them. The personalized
furniture options offered also make a wonderful addition to the overall theme parents choose for their kid’s room and blend-in perfectly. Children spend a lot of time in their bedroom, especially in their early years. Used for playing, sleeping, studying, it is necessary that their bedroom is a reflection of their little personality. But with their diverse hobbies and preferences, it is very easy to get lost in the world of children’s interior. But it is also easy to bring-out the inner kid in you with the trendy, fun, cosy and comfortable bedroom furniture options by startup stores who have better style sense and an eye for details.

While surfing for your favourite option, you will notice that most of the bedroom furniture items offered are so practical and enchanting. The designs are such that they can keep a kid happy right from toddler years to early teens. Some of the personalized furniture products are curated not only for the sake of making them look good and fancy, but have proven to be convenient and kid friendly as well. Many of these products have extra storage facility which comes in handy as the kid’s room gets quickly filled-up from toys to books. At the same time, such startups try keeping their products lighthearted, vibrant and playful in style so that the whole room gives an airy and breathable feel. To stand by this idea, the key focus is to find balance in each design with soft tones and patterns that never seem cluttered to look at. Therefore, also keeping in mind child psychology, this not only makes the space interesting, but also adds warmth.

The fresh, funky and out-ofthe- box ideas incorporated in designs are quite enough to impress every eye

Startups who do want to make it big understand how important it is to design the room such that only minimal changes are required as kids grow up. This type of flexibility saves buyers from replacing the furniture items very often as that can almost bankrupt them. The furniture items seem to be functional for the little munchkins in a way they can admire and grow with it. Customizing a room not only brings more personality to space but also adds charm and a pop of colours. It adds meaning to the decor and of course children can have something that suits their personal taste. Kids require a sweet treat from time to time to which startups are all ready to oblige.

However in the Indian scenario, there are still many concerns regarding buying furniture online, which every startup entity wish to improve with their services. Buyers are often unsure of the quality of the product or worry about the size and colour. The reason being a dearth of good sellers in the online furniture market. The ones that do exist are big online giants that many times offer too heavy creations or cheap plastic alternatives. Hence many startups have entered the market with extensive research of the buying needs of Indian parents and kids choices, exploring across various metro cities, they are ready to change the current scenario with an innovative range of products. Startups in India have a good reputation for quality assurance, and products soldgenerally fill all safety requirements. Basis, many startups are very much concerned with customer satisfaction, especially in the early years.

Today, the consumer mindset has changed a lot, and startups are coming to be known to be creative and full of ideas, unlike other alternative buying options that now seem too mainstream.