Digital Learning: Building A Future Ready Generation

Divya Lal, Managing Director, Ebix Smartclass Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Divya is a strong professional skilled in Budgeting, Coaching, Educational Consulting, Learning Management, and Sales Operations.

Digital learning is transforming the way education is being delivered and received across the World. Driven by technology, it is making both teaching and learning more experiential, enriching and involving. K-12 segment in India today is hugely benefiting from digital learning. Most of the National and State curricula have been adapted to digital modules and formats. The entire spectrum from Kindergarten to Class XII across major subjects is now being taught through digital technology. Most of the premium and well known schools have already been using it for almost a decade now. Even schools in remotest of the areas have now understood the importance of digital learning and are leveraging technology for better learning outcomes.

Digitisation of course material, new course modules, visual templates and teaching methodologies have proved to be transformational for students and also teachers. Millennia old rote learning has been transformed to a more engaging,
individualised and scientific way of transferring knowledge. No wonder the smart class revolution continues to be the bedrock of education today largely because it is an initiative that truly caters to the needs of education and helps students prepare for what awaits them in the future.

Online presence through apps like Fliplearn has moved classrooms beyond physical boundaries and has widened this learning spectrum. Using rich multi-media content including 2D & 3D animations, vivid imagery and videos Fliplearn is delivering high quality digital learning experiences to the students anytime anywhere. With the large repositories of rich digital content, and features like web links, sample papers and more, we are well poised to address the needs of tech savvy generation and getting them future ready for the new technology driven world bringing learning closer to students, making it more accessible, convenient and personalized.

Benefits of digital learning are multifold for all stakeholders involved Students Teachers and Parents. With digital learning students understand complicated concepts much better compared to traditional learning systems. Rich multimedia content helps them assimilate knowledge with far greater ease. Experiential nature of digital learning brings in practical experiences that move beyond providing mere theoretical knowledge. For teachers digital learning products offer effective tools to monitor individual student progress and take remedial actions, where necessary. Structured lesson plans help bring standardization to the entire education delivery model. With rich animations complicated subjects become easier to explain. Assessments too become far more detailed and insightful.

The major disruptor however has been the connectivity between the teachers, students and the parents. With technological advancements in learning methodology, parents have actually become an equal partner in their child’s progress. They can keep track of assignments, also keep track of exam schedules and get detailed assessments of their child's performance in school. Digital learning is enabling the new generation with knowledge that is in tune with the requirements of today’s world. It is getting them future ready to take on new-age challenges and set them on path for a successful future.