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Vivek S. ,Founder & Director

Vivek S.

Founder & Director

A massive number of executive coaches are giving Indian firms a competitive edge by providing knowledge of business culture growth & leadership that is on par with the best practices abroad. Professionals struggle to manage time for learning, developing, and achieving career goals due to ongoing pressure to perform along growing trends amidst evolving industries. Simple personal routines become very challenging to follow. Executive coaches help professionals become more agile, innovative leaders, and experience their aspirations in life when there isn’t time to stop for a glass of water or to stay inline with industrial progress. Executive coaches strive to ensure that executives are operating as effectively as possible under the given conditions.

With a zeal to better people relationships and preserve well-being, Vivek and Nalini Sarmma are two such proficient executive & life coaching professionals who incepted Purclive India- an Executive & Life Coaching, and Career Counselling firm. The firm has been successfully serving people, groups, corporations, and educational institutions in career guidance, coaching, holistic wellness, and HR-CoE engagements as a partner in training. Purclive listens with curiosity, takes in what you hear, reflects accurately, asks for exploration, and provides feedback for further development.
The Purclive founders have worked with over 65,000 people in a variety of positions and have over 80 years of combined expertise. For the services it has offered, Purclive has received numerous certifications in the sector from MSME and StartUp India Initiative.Purclive has also created a counseling and mental health setup to offer career advice and therapy; both digitally and in person. To help young leaders achieve their professional objectives, it is one of the business verticals that trains, coaches, and mentors them. The company offers a variety of programs, including a path for professional development, the discovery, and clarification of fundamental values and a vision, specialized coaching and knowledge, a safe space to explore vulnerability and growth, accountability, and personal growth. As every human is unique, every client is first interviewed to understand the existing situation before creating a curriculum that will be most effective in executing these sessions.

Purclive operates with a network of over 100 trainers, coaches, and healers around the nation, with a concentration in the majority of the major metropolises and cosmopolitan cities. The DNA of Purclive is groundedness, it is what it stands for. Since its establishment, the firm has evolved organically from catering to a small number of clients to aiding over 11 corporate assignments, being affiliated with over 10 wellness centers, and working with over 45,000 people. Going forward, the company wishes to touch a million lives in the next 24 months.

Purclive India’s Skills, Interests, & Abilities Are Interdependent & Interrelated, Yet So Damn Different

Purclive is a member of several groups and organizations, including the World Federation of Mental Health, the International Guild of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Counselors Council of India, and the National Human Resources Development. In the upcoming 12 months, Purclive plans to provide certificate programs in emotional leadership and entrepreneurship that will greatly aid and support emerging leaders in organizations of all sizes. “Currently, we are based out of Chennai and Pune. And in the years to come, we will be collaborating with industry leaders to bring career guidance services to Tier-III & Tier-IV cities in India, which will benefit students in schools with a vernacular medium. We also have plans to establish offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai", concludes Vivek S., Founder & Director at Purclive India.