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Ravindra Kumar Yerramsetti, Co-Founder & CEO,VansiVegunta, Co-Founder & CTO

Ravindra Kumar Yerramsetti, Co-Founder & CEO

VansiVegunta, Co-Founder & CTO

Ravindra Kumar Yerramsetti, an IIM Calcutta graduate has hit the entrepreneurial streak ever since he founded SMS Country in 2005& in 2007. Ravindrare members that during 1997 - his college days at BITS Pilani campus, most of his friends struggled through the entire process of getting into a foreign university. Surprisingly, even after two decades, he noticed that everything still remained the same; students going abroad for higher education only multiplied and so did the blemish of the agencies. Most of the agencies lacked liability and expertise. Even till this day, they are pouncing on students for their own selfish motives.“I feel that the education is some thing that escalates people from one economic stratum to another, and no one has the authority to take advantage of some one’scareer prospects for granted,” speaks Ravindra.

In 2014, Ravindra and Vamsi Vegunta conceptualized an idea to put an end to this commotion once
and for all and began,a first of its kind networking platform that helps students get connected with the foreign universities directly with out any intermediates or third party agencies involved.

Ubergrad is a one stop solution for students who want to study abroad

A Dream University for Students
Headquartered in New Jersey, USA & Hyderabad, India, Ubergrad during their initial stages has focused on the development of the platform. After a year or so, they went ahead and convinced a lot of universities abroad to subscribe to their unique platform and integrated the data of various universities. Successful in executing this, at present they have acquired15+ universities and have more than 2000+ universities data live on their platform, predominantly the US universities. Reminiscing those moments, Ravi says,“Initially we were a little skeptical about acquiring more universities or students onto our platform.Once the platform was ready, we made up our mind saying, we’ll go ahead with the idea of getting students on board by providing them the free access to our services.”

Today, Ubergrad is definitely a one stop solution for students who want to study abroad. Their unique data science algorithm& machine learning does the trick here. Where
in profile evaluation of the student is done within minutes and the probability of a student getting into the desired universities is rated based on the parameter entered, such as scores, GPA, preferences, and interests. Also, the platform suggests students the kind of university and program best suited for them by providing top ten courses that are good for the candidate.In addition to this, the students once choose the courses can get in touch with the university and people affiliated with it directly and can enquire anything that’s on their mind. More than anything, the platform has a customized tool for self-starters who are interested to study abroad that includes TOEFL, GRE coaching classes, and free consultation services.

Ubergrad has simplified the entire process here by providing universities and students a hassle free experience. At present, they have registered more than 45,700+ students, recommended 3,60,000+ students to universities and has successfully admitted 9,600 students. The company at an expansion phase believes that the Higher Education will play a prominent role for another decade, as there is a serious lack of jobs and skills, and international exposure of students definitely plays a vital role in development of the country. Ravi enthusiastically concludes “Our next level of growth is to welcome all the major universities in UK, Ireland, and Germany on to our platform. Also, for students, we would like to provide our services in China, Middle East, Africa and other developing nations.”