Srinivas Rao K. : Upskilling Individuals To Be Leaders Of Tomorrow

Srinvas Rao K., CEOThe market for executivecoaching saw almost $1 billion increase in 2022, reaching upto a $9.3 billion worth. One-third of the Fortune 500 businesses use executive coaching as part of their regular leadership development programs. Executive coaching is increasingly growing in demand. Market analysts anticipate that the global executive coaching certification market would expand at a CAGR of 11.3 percent from 2022 to 2032.

The market will surpass a $27 billion valuation in the next decade due to this high rate. For senior executives and teams in the manufacturing sector, Indian Manufacturing Academy (IMA), founded in 2013, provides coaching services. In order to set up business processes and search for significant production advances, IMA specializes in training executives to fill specific roles needed in Indian manufacturing. The company encourages business owners to think big and set their sights on making significant improvements.

Based out of Coimbatore, IMA aims to support the Indian manufacturing companies to grow profitably while creating world class excellence standards in products, processes, and people.People are the key for any business but there is a lack of high-quality help.
The founding idea behind executive coaching was to develop the skills of senior colleagues in Tier-II cities like Coimbatore. In Coimbatore, entrepreneurship is widespread. Once a business reaches a certain size, it needs assistance. Beyond this level, an entrepreneur is unable to drive the growth on their own. They require a team in order to grow.

They need to improve their ability to handle a group of experts. “We have grown very consistently in the past 10 years as the demand for executive coaching has risen. During this time, we have served around 200 Entrepreneurs and Senior executives prominently within the South Indian market. However, we are open to expanding to other parts of India. We have a fundamental methodology as per which we function, but often we also have to modify it to suit the needs of the person being coached”, shares Srinivas Rao K., CEO, IMA. IMA urges clients to take up big ambitions. Something like doubling or tripling the size of the business in the coming years, tripling or quadrupling productivity, or increasing profitability by 50 percent by utilizing technology and other resources. The team at IMA specializes in developing e-learning courses that condense decades of experience of coaches into various tools and models that the companies can use.

The Team At IMA Specializes In Developing E-Learning Courses That Condense A Decade Of Experience Into Various Tools And Models That The Coaches Can Use

Future Roadmap
“We are converting all our client engagements including Consulting engagements into Coaching engagements. We are going to coach Senior executives individually and Coach their team members together as teams towards specific goals. We will focus on giving the customers specific tools and models that they can use in their business to get better results. The scope for improvements in companies is huge. We want to show this to the customers”, further adds Srinivas. The business families are another area on which the company wants to concentrate. The IMA intends to provide coaching to the various family members as well as assist in enhancing the relationships among the family members and the efficiency of the business. IMA firmly believes that by concentrating on this area, the company will be able to significantly improve society as a whole because business families can benefit the thousands of people who work for them.