Smart Academy: A Beacon of Commitment towards Elevating UI/UX Education, Crafting Design

Sajid Ali ,COOThe hallowed halls of design excellence have emerged as the catalysts of change, responding to the clarion call of the digital age. As the industry resounds with the demand for UI/UX virtuosos, the role of such institutes has taken center stage, weaving the threads of creativity and functionality into seamless digital experiences. However, this journey has challenges—bridging the skill chasm, embracing the ever-evolving technological landscape, and cultivating the art of design thinking.

In this narrative of design evolution, SMART (Skills-for-Market Training) Academy for Digital Technologies steps into the limelight. SMART Academy for Digital. Technologies is not merely an institute but a beacon of commitment to enhancing UI/UX Development Training in India. Established by Tech Mahindra Foundation, SMART (Skills-for- Market Training) is a flagship employability program to empower urban youth from underserved communities.

It provides employability skills through structured training programs in allied healthcare, logistics, and digital technologies, ensuring they are placed in suitable and dignified jobs. SMART Academies are dedicated to conducting regular research and development. This ensures the curriculum remains relevant and aligned with emerging trends, equipping students with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. SMART recognizes the value of insights from industry professionals and maintains regular interaction with employers. This engagement lets the institution learn about technology advancements and industry needs.
With emerging global needs, new skill-based job opportunities are anticipated to grow and stay in demand. “By skilling youth for dignified jobs in the formal sector, we ensure sustainable livelihood for urban youth, thus contributing to the country’s overall economic growth", says Chetan Kapoor, CEO of Tech Mahindra Foundation. SMART Academy for Digital Technologies provides an industry-relevant and updated course curriculum led by a faculty of industry-experienced and qualified professionals who bring real-world insights. “We aim to promote new age technologies and digital excellence, bridging the industry demand by creating a pool of skilled and competent professionals", says Sajid Ali, COO of Tech Mahindra Foundation. SMART Academy ensures students receive a holistic educational experience with a wide range of webinars, workshops, and support services.

These offerings encompass immersive UX design workshops, guidance on utilizing free online design and development resources, career development workshops covering resume building, job search strategies, and workplace readiness sessions focusing on essential soft skills. In addition, exposure visits to prominent UI/UX companies provide students with invaluable real-world experience. SMART Academy further enhances students’ readiness for the job market by inviting industry experts to deliver guest lectures, conducting mock interviews to instill confidence and competence, and assisting in profile building on platforms like Linkedin. For those not immediately securing employment, reskilling sessions based on employer feedback are available, addressing specific areas for improvement to enhance their interview success prospects. “In our institute, the students are not just passive learners; they are encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey", says Sai Prasad Nerella, Program Director of Digital & Logistics Academy.

The commitment of SMART Academy to excellence and sustainable change has been recognized through numerous awards and accolades. This includes Leaders of Sustainable Change at the Economic Times Sustainable Development Goals Summit, Rotary CSR Awards 2021 under the Community Development Category, and CSR Universe’ COVID Response’ CSR Impact Awards 2021. SMART Academy for Digital Technologies exemplifies educational excellence and transformative impact in UI/UX training. Through visionary leadership, it transcends conventional education, creating a vibrant ecosystem where challenges become opportunities.