Shachi Maheshwari: Inspiring Excellence & Igniting Passsion

Shachi Maheshwari ,Performance Coach/CEO Keynote Speaker/Author

Shachi Maheshwari

Performance Coach/CEO Keynote Speaker/Author

Change is inevitable. From fluctuations in market trends, competitive landscape, impact of global issues, volatility to developments in internal organization, it is beyond doubt that today’s leaders need the necessary assistance to thrive in the workplace. Executive coaching is the need of the hour. Not only does it assist leaders in identifying productive avenues for growth, but it also ensures that executives are working to the best of their abilities within the constraints of a situation. Be it professional or personal, everyone needs a coach to help them better navigate through their life trajectory and fill performance gaps.

Shachi Maheshwari is an exceptional achiever, an internationally certified professional coach who has mentored and coached over a couple hundred entrepreneurs and executives. With over 26 years of corporate experience as a member of the c-suite and 18 years as a coach, Shachi is a name that stands out in the world of coaching. She is avidly passionate about helping people tap into their complete potential, be it working on their time management, efficiency management, or even fostering meaningful relationships across personal and professional territory.After discovering coaching as a passion, it took no time for Shachi to begin corporate performance coaching to individuals,

assisting them in several areas of professional and personal decision-making including health, efficiency and happiness.Her nuanced approach and the efficacy of her programs was quickly recognized, and her corporate services have included training CXOs and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. She has also worked with many multinational corporations, focusing on stress, time management and effective delegation; with a particular emphasis on goal alignment. Among the various services that she offers, Shachi Maheshwari and her team provide individuals onetime consulting services in areas concerning efficiency, relationship issues, work-life balance, personal success, and self-motivation. To help each cadre of employees optimize their time, attitude, and behavior, there are also customizable group efficiency programs (GEP’s), which have received a lot of praise over the years.

Shachi Maheshwari is quickly gaining recognition for her significant transformational work with people who are concerned about their life trajectory, career navigation, and especially their larger aspirations in life. According to Shachi, a person can accomplish anything if they can match their strengths with their goals.

We Are Glad For Our 100 Percent Customer Retention Rate; There Hasn’t Been A Single Customer That Has Left Us For Another Coach Or Service. This Is Something We Would Definitely Want To Keep

Shachi Maheshwari who is a Chartered Accountant by trade and has always been passionate about her work says, “Coaches need to understand not just what the traits are but how people can harp and work on them.” Shachi Maheshwari’s entire team is made up of passionate people who want to transform lives, who want to work on themselves, and who want to learn new things.

Shachi Maheshwari has gone global in the last few years, catering to global requirements in addition to India. Due to the pandemic, lot of assignments from overseas were overwhelming. “We are already in the process of expanding into niche areas and leadership teams. Word of mouth travels far, and trust travels even further. And as it stands, we are glad for our 100 percent customer retention rate; the value we bring to clients will always be the centerpiece of our coaching service. This is something we would definitely want to keep”, concludes Shachi.