Ruchi Sarna: Igniting Purpose & Empowering Transformation Through Coaching Eminence

Ruchi Sarna ,FounderWithin the Indian professional sphere, the demand for career coaches is thriving, exhibiting substantial growth potential. Projections indicate an anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 percent from 2022 through 2027, signalling a promising trajectory for this industry. However, career coaches encounter significant trends such as remote mentoring, specialized domains, and the integration of technology, alongside obstacles including accessibility limitations, substantial expenses, and generic methodologies.

In this dynamic professional landscape, one individual stands out as a rising star in the field of career coaching – Ruchi Sarna. With a passion for transformation and dedication to breaking down barriers, she is revolutionizing the discipline. Her bespoke strategies are paving the way for a new era of coaching excellence.

Empowering Journeys, Transformative Re- sults
Ruchi Sarna, a seasoned professional with 23 years of corporate experience, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey driven by her desire for self-creation. “My life coaching journey began as a way of helping others, but in reality, it started with an effort to help myself. After facing some difficult personal life changes and struggles, I realized the value of having someone to talk things with. This gave me a newfound clarity and determination to move forward”, speaks Ruchi. Founder of, her versatile website offers coaching in life and career, along with corporate training.

With a solid foundation in life skills cultivated through her successful career, she excels at navigating pressure and turning challenges into growth opportunities. Through personalized guidance, she helps individuals uncover blind spots, unleash strengths, and set goals for success.

Embark on a transformative journey with Ruchi Sarna, where profound changes unfold across three distinct realms. As a life coach, Ruchi goes beyond mentorship to guide individuals through life’s trials, offering fresh perspectives and refining strategies for realizing dreams. With expertise in human behaviour, she nurtures personal growth with unwavering dedication. In career coaching, Ruchi empowers clients to achieve clarity and confidence, whether seeking transformative change or elevating current successes. “As a coach, I think that offering a welcoming, judgmentfree environment to my clients is the most beneficial service I can offer, but I also value the relationships I develop with them. With this frame of mind, my clients can speak more candidly and openly about their objectives, principles, and difficulties”, says Ruchi.

True growth & transformation lie in embracing vulnerability & empowering individuals to be comfortable in their skin

Inspiring Authenticity, Transforming Lives
Ruchi Sarna’s diverse expertise extends beyond individual coaching. She has partnered with esteemed organisations to do captivating webinars on interview, transformation and career coaching. In addition Ruchi also provides corporate training for MNCs and startups. Through her thoughtprovoking blogs & webinars, Ruchi explores the multifaceted realm of life coaching. Leveraging her corporate experience, she delivers enlightening training to esteemed organizations. “Today, through my life coaching practice, I can help people grow and develop into the best and authentic versions of themselves. Doing this work has been the most fulfilling journey of my life thus far”, speaks Ruchi.

Ruchi Sarna possesses an impressive array of certifications and achievements that make her a standout in the field of coaching. She is a certified Health and Wellness Coach from The Weljii Health & Wellness Coach certification program, which is recognized and approved by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) US. Additionally, she holds NLP Coaching Certification (Coaching skills Mastery), Certified Life and Career Coach, and Certified Corporate Executive and Leadership Coach designations. Her expertise extends to being a Certified Soft Skills Trainer and having completed the Train the Trainer certification. Ruchi’s dedication to continuous growth is evident as she is currently pursuing a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology. Her accomplishments have been recognized in various platforms, including being featured in the WAH story as a Senior Business Leader and Mentor.