Qurious Lil Mindz International Pre-School (Qlm): Creating A Holistic Learning Ecosystem To Make Children Future Ready

Poornima Subramanian ,FounderRising parent awareness in early childhood education and care, as well as an increase in the number of nuclear families and working women in the country, are driving the Indian preschool/childcare sector. As parents are likely to be preoccupied with their jobs, preschools provide an environment to ensure the child’s development is not hampered in the absence of parents. Preschools are a vital part of the education system that provides a foundation and prepares children for subsequent success in both school and life.

Understanding this, Qurious Lil Mindz International Pre-School (QLM), an ISO-certified institution, has been offering a holistic learning environment. Children develop basic cognitive, physical, social, and emotional abilities during their first six years of life. As natural curiosity is most intense during these developmental years, QLM believes in creating an environment that fully nurtures this curiosity.

“Our teaching philosophy is inspired by our beloved Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. So, we believe in making learning more exciting and effective by utilizing various teaching approaches to bring out the child’s inherent talents and promote self-confidence. We attempt to develop tailored learning for each child as each child is unique. For example, some children may be slow learners while others may be exceptional learners So, based on their learning ability, we create custom learning approaches”,
says Poornima Subramanian, Founder at QLM. QLM offers a hands-on learning experience allowing each student to explore by providing objects to experiment with. QLM aims to help children develop social skills, gain emotional confidence, foster creativity, and engage in physical activity and role play. “Our playgroup offers appropriate experiences with items, toys, and games that appeal to their natural lively nature. We provide special attention to the children and assist them in overcoming separation anxiety", she adds.

QLM maintains complete transparency with parents, informing them of any programs that are organized by or implemented at the school. The school management also shares daily updates via photos, videos, and reports enabling parents to see what their child is learning and know how they are progressing. QLM also maintains a very healthy teacher-to-student ratio to guarantee individual attention.

We believe in making learning more interesting & effective by leveraging different teaching methodologies to bring out inner talents, & build selfconfidence in the child

In 2020, QLM was named one of the Best Preschools in Chennai. QLM was recognized and awarded to be one of the top 100 preschools in India in 2021. Furthermore, QLM’s curriculum aligns with national education policy to guarantee the highest quality standards are maintained. The school also provides extracurricular activities such as yoga, karate, chess, classical dance, singing, and other sports. QLM focuses on teaching children to be ambidextrous while also boosting their concentration and agility. QLM also provides diet regimens to help children develop good eating habits.

QLM believes in providing an environment that is seen as a second home by the kids. Hence, when it comes to admission, parents are advised to bring their kids along to see if they like the school environment. Information regarding the child’s likes/dislikes, and allergies, among others, are kept in consideration before admission. Kids with learning disabilities are also welcomed at QLM, wherein, teachers are specially trained to cater to these special kids. Furthermore, as compared to other preschools in the neighborhood, the fee at QLM is very nominal. Also, if parents are not able to pay the fees on a termly basis, we offer them flexible payment options as well. “Going forward, we intend to expand both vertically and horizontally by opening more branches across Chennai. In addition, we intend to raise the classes to the second and third grades in the near future”, concludes Poornima.