PGKM School: Nurturing Future Entrepreneurs with Holistic Education

Prajakta Bhide,PrincipalEducation today transcends the confines of textbooks and traditional classrooms, embracing a dynamic journey that amalgamates time-honored principles with cutting-edge technology. At PGKM School, the future of education is being meticulously crafted, blending modern educational techniques with the age-old Gurukul schooling format in a day-boarding system. The institution places an unwavering emphasis on infusing Gurukul's ethics, values, and principles with technological mastery to ensure students stay at the forefront of contemporary education while nurturing their potential and creativity.

PGKM, an acronym for Poona Gujarati Kelvani Mandal, is a venerable trust with a rich history in education dating back to 1926. Their educational portfolio spans from kindergarten to advanced research, incorporating a technical and vocational training institute. In 2022, PGKM School (proposed CBSE school) emerged as the latest addition to their visionary educational ecosystem, offering education from pre-primary to grade seven.

"Recognizing the significance of fostering the 'alpha generation' and fostering deep connections to the family system, PGKM introduced a day-boarding school model. Every aspect of a student's development is meticulously attended to, covering academics, skill-based learning, athletics, extracurricular activities, and dietary needs. That's the gist of PGKM, and that's exactly what we captured for gen alpha; we intend to foster tomorrow's entrepreneurs, given that India's progressing alpha generation has recently assumed leadership roles", speaks Prajakta Bhide, Principal, PGKM.

Choice-Based Learning & Cultural Values
PGKM's education model is firmly rooted in innovation and transcends traditional
textbooks. They have devised customized textbooks tailored to meet the evolving needs of students, promoting a 'bagless' system that replaces homework with home-based activities and encouraging practical application of knowledge. In a departure from the conventional classroom setup, PGKM offers flexible spaces where students move between specialized rooms for different subjects.

The institution encourages students to explore an array of hobbies, allowing them to discover their interests and potential career paths. PGKM firmly incorporates Indian cultural values, emphasizing practices such as prayer and reciting cultural texts like the Gita. The school's canteen doubles as a hub for cultural and global learning, with themed menus introducing students to diverse cuisines and cultures. The 'Sankalpna series' has been launched to address subjects that traditional textbooks might not adequately cover, enriching the educational experience beyond typical classroom teaching.

"PGKM recognizes the importance of fun and fitness in a child's growth journey. We avoid categorizing activities as extracurricular or curricular and view them instead as tools for personal development. Field trips to places like IIT, ISRO, and manufacturing facilities expose students to team bonding and shared experiences, contributing to their wellrounded development", mentions Prajakta Bhide.

PGKM School is a beacon of progressive education, where holistic growth paves the way for a budding entrepreneur tomorrow

Integration of Technology
PGKM has harnessed the power of the latest technologies and facilities to enhance the learning experience. Interactive panels, multimedia tools, and whiteboards adorn every classroom. The introduction of Alexa allows students to seek answers and work on tasks independently. The school boasts well-equipped computer labs and a robotics lab, offering age-appropriate access to explore robotics and AI tools. A home economics lab is introduced to teach practical life skills, preparing students for a future of independence.

Ultimately, PGKM's vision extends beyond traditional academic success, recognizing that a student's worth goes far beyond their marks in the ninth or tenth standard. They have introduced a comprehensive report card, the 'Prakash Yatra', which reflects a student's journey towards enlightenment. This portfolio encapsulates academics, curricular activities, personal growth, skills, and cherished values in a combined portfolio for every child.

PGKM's principal, Prajakta Bhide, envisions her students as 'entrepreneurs' who create opportunities for diverse groups and contribute to India's ascent in global rankings. PGKM aims to empower students to make a global impact, propel the nation forward, and make the journey towards a brighter future a collective endeavor.