Myaha Career Point: Empowering Self-Discovery that Brings Out the Best for a Successful Professional Journey

Bhushan S ,Founder & Certified Counsellor

Bhushan S

Founder & Certified Counsellor

Career counselling in today's scenario is about more than just instructing students academically; it's also about pointing them in the proper direction and preventing them from being misled. MYAHA CAREERPOINT was founded with this same objective: to facilitate effective career selection based on a structured assessment and guidance program. MYAHA CAREERPOINT's individualized approach begins with age- and stage-appropriate career interest identifier assessments and continues with guidance and coun¬selling to identify the best execution plan to achieve the career goal for any candidate.

MYAHA CAREERPOINT was founded in Mumbai (2022) by Bhushan S (Founder and Head Coach), a certified career analyst, experienced career counsellor, coach, and mentor. He combines his 15+ years of global experience (USA, Germany, and India) as a corporate professional in the healthcare domain and as an entrepreneur in the Food and Nutrition domain to help select the right career path for each candidate.

"I advise candidates on their strengths and weaknesses using structured assessments that evaluate an individual based on five dimensions: personality, career interests, career motivators, learning styles, and skills and abilities. The compiled 30-plus-page report provides a detailed analysis of these dimensions and suitable career options.
Additionally, individual counselling is provided. The assessment is completely online and takes about 30-45 minutes with questions that are situation based and needs no special preparation", explains Bhushan.

MYAHA CAREERPOINT's services are primarily designed for candidates who can be categorized into three buckets, with the primary target group of students ranging from 8-10th graders and 10+2 students, followed by graduate students, and finally the working professionals with 0-5 years of experience seeking a career transition or just starting. When a candidate, whether a student, parent, or working professional, approaches MYAHA CAREERPOINT, a free pre-counselling session is initially offered to explain the offerings and the appropriate assessment, and the way forward.

"Our comprehensive assessment report has an accuracy of about 95 percent that is unparalleled in the industry and helps candidates follow an organized approach towards career counselling", mentions Bhushan.

MYAHA CAREERPOINT focuses on a holistic assessment of an individual's profile to recommend the best suitable career option & accompanying execution plan for an individual

Also, students have access to the student dashboard, where they can view assessment results as well as suggestions for careers and universities. In addition to these, there is a career libraryan exhaustive library that offers a thorough overview of job alternatives, covering over 3000 career occupations classified into 20 career clusters. This way, MYAHA CAREERPOINT offers an end-to-end solution platform for every candidate's needs.

MYAHA CAREERPOINT works actively with multiple educational institutions in order to empower maximum number of candidates for a successful professional journey and is always on the lookout to collaborate with new ones to help their students make an effective career selection. Finally, an important aspect of the career counseling domain is the need for practicing industry professionals from various fields to be connected to the right candidate for effective knowledge sharing. As a founder and having had the privilege of working with numerous experts in the professional domain as well as having a background from IIT and IIM, I delve into my peer network and bring them on board as necessary for MYAHA CAREERPOINT", winds up Bhushan.