Dr. Gayathri Deepak: Enabling Excellence

Gayathri Deepak,FounderDr. Gayathri Deepak, a pioneering thinker and highly spiritual individual, founded Chetana Education in 2013 to enable people to realize their fullest potential as human beings.

Chetana Education is a consultancy for education and a provider of teacher training and executive/leadership coaching. Through carefully crafted training programs, executive coaching, and management consulting, Chetana Education seeks to dramatically raise quality and academic standards in schools and colleges. Chetana is dedicated to enabling academic institutions to transform into learning communities that support excellence and are grounded in compassion and mindfulness.

The organization’s mission is to enable every educational setting to adopt a broad-based, liberal, and humanistic philosophy to foster M.U.C.H. (Mindfulness, Understanding, Conscious Consumerism, and Heartfulness).

Chetana Education gives you the tools to upgrade your skills and become a teacher who is prepared for the future. For the management and leadership teams in schools, the company provides management consultancy, advisory services, and leadership/executive coaching. For all types of educational institutions, including colleges, training centers, and more, it offers Professional Development courses.

The company provides educators and leaders in educational institutions with the knowledge and skills necessary to become self-aware, competent, and compassionate practitioners who enable learner agency and maximize their potential through its holistic approach, enabling to learning (HEAL) and research-based, global standard, affordable training.

It offers programs for aspiring educators as well as seasoned professionals who are already employed as teachers/lecturers/trainers. It offers courses in leadership, mindfulness, SEL, and pedagogy as part of its all-encompassing professional development programs. The company is expanding its M.U.C.H. programs to include the corporate and industry sectors as well, with a focus on programs in leadership, SEL, and mindfulness.

Since the implementation of the NEP, executive coaching and leadership coaching in educational institutions have become critically important.
This is because no institution can transform its teaching-learning approaches or processes without first empowering those in executive and leadership positions in the schools. For the senior management and leadership team to accept and facilitate change, they need to be trained and coached in a variety of competencies. The market for executive coaching in this industry will therefore increase significantly over the next ten years. Those in executive and leadership positions in schools are the firm’s major clientele for executive coaching.

Learning Beyond Limits
Chetana Education helps educational institutions set up systems and processes to align themselves with their vision, while also coaching the management and staff to stay relevant and sensitive to the changing needs of their students and the educational system. Chetana Education recognizes that an institution’s climate and culture determine the effectiveness of learning reforms. Having started with organizational structures, the company collaborates with senior management to create detailed job descriptions with clearly defined key responsibility areas. One-on-one and team meetings are used to walk each team member through their roles and responsibilities. It also coaches the leadership team through routine meetings that center on both the general leadership competencies of decision-making, negotiation, assertive communication, and compassionate leadership, as well as the identified industry-specific required competency areas.

Chetana Education is creating supportive, kind, and respectful environments where all team members are encouraged to learn useful skills and the capacity to consistently deliver and improve. It collaborates with schools on long-term, goal-driven initiatives to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Chetana Education works with educational institutions to improve students’ learning and outcomes through teacher upskilling, encouraging a growth mindset and risk-taking among educators and students, and define & set high standards for all stakeholders within the institution. These goals are accomplished through the company’s Whole School Development service.

As part of its Administrative services for schools, it develops and aligns the vision and mission of schools with their educational philosophies, thereby guiding and supporting those institutions. “With our competent, qualified team, schools are guided and supported by the organization’s Academic services for schools, to train their teachers and develop interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary curricula”, says Gayathri Deepak.

Chetana Education empowers you to excel by upskilling & upgrading yourself

With employees in India, the Middle East, and Europe as well as highly qualified teacher educators and trainers dispersed across the nation’s major cities, Chetana Education is an organization with the capacity to expand in response to market demands. All major participants in educational institutions—students, teachers, administration, and parents, are the focus of its holistic services.

Institutions that use its services can be sure they’ll develop into ones that meet the highest quality standards around the world. Since it began offering its professional development courses online in 2020, Chetana Education has had an impact on more than 5000 educators in 10+ states across the nation. For the quality of its products and services, the business has received high praise.

“In the future, we will focus on growing professional development courses in M.U.C.H, encouraging more colleges and schools to enroll in our courses, and growing our audience through our newsletters and Chat over Chai programs. By doing this, we hope to bring about a change in the area of education in our nation and advance Sustainable Development through M.U.C.H.”, concludes Gayathri Deepak, Founder of Chetana Education.