Crowntex Clothing: Flexible Supplier of Jersey Products via Fast Track Delivery System

A.R.Castro & E.Karthikeyan,PartnersAs India is predominantly popular as the textiles hub right after agriculture, the competition among apparel sourcing companies to become a one-stop-shop for multiple products is vividly increasing. In fact, not just supplying products but a range of product design and development services to garment merchants is the need of the hour. Discerning this need, Crowntex Clothing built by the experience and expertise of A.R.Castro & E.Karthikeyan (Partners) outshines as a flexible supplier of clothing and home products right from design inputs to final products as per clients’ requirements via fast track delivery system. Partnering with diversified factories that excel in gender-specific garments, Crowntex stands as a one-stop-solution for all Jersey/Woven products which are handled with full access by its well experienced teams. Besides its buying office in Tiruppur, its U.K office is managed by a well versed British business development director who facilitates relations with international customers,regularly attends U.K fairs/meetings and shares her inspiration with the entire company.

Commendable Quality & Timely Delivery

Crowntex supplies a treasure trove of jersey products to a customer base right from babies, teenagers to grown-ups and many home textile products from aprons to tea towels

Crowntex supplies a treasure trove of jersey products to a customer base right from babies, teenagers to grown-ups and many home textile products from aprons to tea towels. As it deals only with factories and supplier units that are audited and complied to high-standards, it ensures that no last minute changes are made by enlightening its customers on requisite product information and delivering their orders on-time with commendable quality by intuitively channelizing orders in critical paths. Not just sticking on to a set of partners, Crowntex works in tandem with factories of disparate areas, enriches their standards via its dedicated compliance team, suggests them to deploy top-notch yarns, printers & dyes, scrupulously checks their fabrics & print standards via accredited labs & internal quality team, and resolves all their technical issues.“We uphold a stringent and white-glove procedure of testing and inspecting all goods before shipping them to our customers ensuring that they are of merchantable quality,” elucidates Castro.

Training Par Excellence
Working with a European client, Crowntex has evolved into its only partner by gradually learning lessons and enriching business levels right from its first
shipment of 3000 pieces/month to current shipment of 400,000. As consistent quality is the kernel of its services, the quality team undergoes a regular training on various inspection procedures organized by accredited labs and regularly attends Technology Fairs. Internal real-time training sessions are conducted each week wherein its team of 14 shares their past week’s experiences and explain solutions to the issues faced. To get updated on the latest technology, regular meetings with printers, dyers and chemicals are attended by the employees who further share the learned facts with customers.

Attributing its revenue growth from $1.5 million in 2014 to $6 million in 2016-17 to the tremendous support earned from its customers, factories & teams, Crowntex envisages around $8 million revenue in 2017-18 by inculcating a practice of not just learning lessons each year but implementing them in its services too. No wonder it beholds a long-term goal of working in an ethical way and seamlessly rendering quality services. Besides adding new designers and upgrading from basics garments in Tiruppur to mid and up-spec, it is planning to start weaving operation at Bangalore in 2018 and also looking forward to expanding its customer base from UK, Australia & Russia. Proactively updating its social media networks via digital marketing, it is on the verge of launching its own brand ‘Cotton Clobber’ and would be partnering with UK’s online stores this year.