Champs Academy Global Preschool: Constructing The Foundations For A Brighter Tomorrow

Aden Raj & Pearl Raj ,FoundersPreschools are fascinating places of exploration and development where young children begin their educational journey. Every feature, from the sensory-rich classrooms to the lively outdoor areas, is intended to foster social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Champs Academy Global Preschool has been setting the right chord for its students. Nestled in the heart of a bustling city, the halls of Champs Academy Global Preschool have been echoing with the sounds of eager learners for over a decade.

Founded in 2012 with the belief that education is the best investment for a child, the founders Aden Raj and Pearl Raj have shaped the cornerstone of progress and growth for their students in this esteemed institution. “Champs Academy alongside the mainstream prioritizes children with special needs with tailored IEPs and focuses on communication, reading, and writing. Our program has produced successful students who have stayed with us since nursery and are now thriving for higher education”, says Pearl Raj, Founder, Champs Academy Global Preschool.

At Champs Academy Global Playschool, education extends far beyond the traditional confines of the classroom. From a young age, students are encouraged to explore the world around them through activities such as dance, art, show and tell, creative writing, conversation, and interactive games. At the same time, the curriculum aims at teaching valuable life lessons through DLS (Daily Living Skills), yoga, and nature walks. The Pearly Phonics program is the highlight of the curriculum which teaches children to read with the help of sounds. “If we teach the child to read, the child becomes independent in seeking knowledge. It boosts the child’s confidence and enables them to become effective learners”, says Pearl Raj.

Champs Academy’s vision and mission are aligned exactly with their line of work and it states as follows.
“We believe that all children are equal and unique and therefore we have the inclusive program that welcomes children with special needs.
It is an honour to see our children from the mainstream becoming buddies to our little champs. Our purpose at Champs is to nurture children to become the best they are meant to be thus creating a world of collaboration, social responsibility, and creative expression”, shares Aden Raj, Founder, Champs Academy Global Preschool.

Adding the Joy of Learning
Champs Academy Global Preschool believes in tapping into every child's unique potential as per Howard Gardiner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence. The curriculum is designed to nurture all of a child's abilities and talents, in line with the different learning styles. Their collaborative approach involves teachers, parents, and the community working together to create an environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive, and moral growth.

Raising the Bar
At Champs Academy, learning blossoms in a vibrant environment with colourful classrooms, outdoor play facilities, and an eco-garden. In addition to the above, they support working families with day-care and after-school programs. “We support families as they work hard for their kids by providing day-care and after-school activities for working parents such as completing homework, sports, music, and more. I always tell my parents that we will take care of the academics; all they need to do is just give one hour after work with undivided attention to their kids. This kind of partnership with parents has really been successful as parents and their kids are relaxed and are able to spend quality time at home”, says Pearl Raj.

They made sure that during the covid era, the teachinglearning process was seamless through in-house training, adapting to new digital techniques in order to maximize learning through the virtual platform. Kudos to the passionate staff of Champs, who excelled in trying new ways to makelearning fun, interactive and activity-based. The blended learning technique of asynchronous as well as synchronouslearning had been very effective. The greatest milestone during the pandemic was the successful online classes for its children with special needs.

Champs Academy Global Preschool believes in tapping into every child's unique potential as per Howard Gardiner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence

Not Leaving any Stone Unturned
“Venturing into new horizons we are all set to start a second branch in the coming academic year 2023-24 along with our new CHAMPS KINDER CURRICULUM for classes Playschool, Nursery, JR KG & SR KG”, says Pearl. She also adds “We believe that every child deserves a quality education and for this, we provide nominal fees with flexible payment options, including monthly payment plans and scholarships.” In conclusion, Champs Academy Global Preschool is a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where children are encouraged to explore their unique potential through a holistic approach to education. With a curriculum emphasizing social, emotional, cognitive, and moral growth, Champs Academy prepares children not only academically but also makes them ready to be a powerful agents of change and growth in the society they live in.