Ajeenkya Dy Patil Group: Building Possibilities Across Industries

Ajeenkya D Y Patil,Founder & Chairman

Ajeenkya D Y Patil

Founder & Chairman

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, this saying by Lao Tzu holds true, especially when it comes to mentioning about a group that spans across Education, Real Estate, Healthcare, Sports, and Agriculture. From skill development to character building, an individual’s journey largely relies on the learning center he/she is associated with. Amidst a wide array of quality education centers in India, Ajeenkya DY Patil University as a part of the progressive and dynamic Ajeenkya DY Patil group (ADYPG) stands as the epitome of quality learning in India.

Committed to providing a creative and innovative ecosystem where students can learn, collaborate, and develop a forward-thinking mindset, Ajeenkya DY Patil Group is making a mark in the challenging Indian Education domain. Progress of the group is being led by the visionary Educationist and a prominent business leader Dr. Ajeenkya DY Patil. He is the President of the Ajeenkya DY Patil University and Chairman of the Ajeenkya DY Patil Group. Dr. Ajeenkya is also the Honorary Consul General of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana in India. With his unwavering entrepreneurial mindset, he has established and led numerous organizations spanning domains that include Healthcare, Education, Technology, Sports, Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Hospitality.

Dr. Ajeenkya has made a significant impact by generating employment opportunities thereby contributing to the long-term social and environmental values that have helped connect different sections of Indian society to the mainstream economy. Following the philosophy of ‘people first’ and carrying forward the legacy of his father Padmashree Dnyandeo Yashwantrao Patil, Dr. Ajeenkya brings a humane dimension to the essentials of managing the overall operations of the evolving Ajeenkya DY Patil group. He has been bestowed with numerous accolades in the realms of both social and business accomplishments.

Notably, the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, appointed him as the Chairman of the Central Board for Workers Education (CBWE). To add to this, Dr. Ajeenkya was appointed as the Economic Adviser by the Honourable President of Guyana, and between July 2007 and April 2010, he also served as the Chancellor’s nominee on the Management Council of the University of Mumbai.

With a Master’s in Business Administration from Richmond College, UK, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Administration, Dr. Ajeenkya’s exemplary contributions in the field of education, healthcare, and social services have also earned him an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

Ajeenkya DY Patil University (ADYPU): Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives
The inception story of Ajeenkya DY Patil University (ADYPU) is one steeped in the spirit of innovation and holistic education. Set up on the principle that ‘everything is possible’, the university thrives on a culture of innovation in students, fostering a mindset that transcends beyond disciplinary boundaries. ADYPU has an impressive selection of colleges, each one catering to specific domains and streams.

From the School of Management to the School of Design, Liberal Arts, Law, Engineering, Film and Media, Hotel Management, and more, the university’s comprehensive programs promise diverse pathways to success. With over 100 programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. levels, ADYPU makes sure that every student’s academic journey is tailored to their aspirations.

Committed to achieving excellence through academic rigor and continuous innovation, ADYPU’s approach to learning encompasses a detailed ten-dimensional approach: Industry ready curriculum, Global exposure, state-of-the-art Infrastructure, Industry Tie-ups for Internships and placements, Entrepreneurship and Innovation focus, Flexible learning options, Student support services, Emphasis on research and Innovation, Academic excellence and Accreditation, Alumni network and Industry connect.

The university acknowledges that many careers defy conventional boundaries and offer flexibility in education. Students can choose from a wide range of minors, earning certificates alongside their degrees, and select from various elective courses. ADYPU’s commitment to academic freedom empowers students to create customized degree programs aligned with their goals and interests. The university also prioritizes faculty capacity building through initiatives like the President’s Teaching Fellowship and Self-Development programs. Additionally, ADYPU is embracing digital learning, incorporating digital classrooms, resources, and access to digital knowledge clusters to enhance the learning experience.

Nuovos: Empowering Future-Ready Innovators
ADYPU Nuovos is a unique initiative to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and real-world applications. With a focus on start-ups and emerging businesses, Nuovos offers transformative interdisciplinary learning programs curated for emerging businesses, aiming to educate the next generation of innovative leaders. These programs are designed to bridge technology and business needs, aligning with student’s passion thereby opening doors to new opportunities.

With technology rapidly reshaping the job landscape and with approximately 60 percent of existing jobs predicted to change or disappear within a decade. Nuovos addresses this shift by carefully selecting programs that focus on emerging technologies and their applications in addressing future workforce requirements. It combines hi-tech educational delivery with personalized teaching and mentoring thus ensuring a holistic learning experience.

“The key philosophy is that technology alone is meaningless; its power lies in its application. Nuovos emphasizes integrating technology with practical application, recognizing the need to harness emerging technologies effectively. Nuovos invites ambitious students to explore game-changing opportunities in these areas. Graduates of Nuovos’ programs have the potential to become the foundation for high-growth companies, and new industries, or for implementing innovative approaches
to addressing complex challenges, making a significant long-term impact on the evolving technology landscape.

Transforming Graduates into Industry- Ready Professionals
ADYPU emphasizes on international exposure, with an extensive network of global partner universities, promoting the exchange of ideas and cultural insights. The curriculum at ADYPU adheres to internationally recognized standards, benchmarked against frameworks like ABET, CSAB, NASAD (USA), and QAA’s Subject Benchmark Statements (UK). Central to ADYPU’s programs is the Innovation Factory, where students collaborate with industry peers to address industry and societal challenges, fostering innovation and enhancing India’s global competitiveness. Additionally, ADYPU’s iLead program offers high-quality leadership experiences through workshops, events, and courses.

ADYPU campus boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities that create an optimal learning environment for students. The campus includes multimedia-equipped classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, sports facilities, and dedicated spaces for student’s creative pursuits. The university offers an Industry-integrated curriculum that is designed to bridge the gap between the academic and Industry requirements.

With a strong foundation & proven expertise of more than three decades in the fields of Education, Healthcare, Real Estate & Sports, Ajeenkya D Y Patil Group is contributing immensely towards India’s growth story

This ensures that students are well-prepared for the professional world and enhances their employability. The University focuses on providing students with global exposure through various initiatives such as International collaborations, exchange programs, and study-abroad opportunities. This helps in broadening the student’s horizons, fostering cultural understanding, and preparing them for a global career. The University has strong tieups with leading Industries, which helps students secure internships and placements in reputed organizations. This enables students to gain real-world experience and kickstart their professional careers.

The University has a reputation for academic excellence and is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and other regulatory bodies ensuring that the education imparted is of high quality and meets rigorous standards.

The University has a strong alumni network that provides a platform for students to connect with successful professionals in their respective fields. Additionally, the University establishes and maintains strong relationships with Industries, offering students valuable networking opportunities and Industry insights.

Each ADYPU bachelor’s program comprises general education, core courses, and electives. Core courses enhance discipline-specific knowledge, while general education imparts essential skills and knowledge applicable across disciplines. Electives allow students to pursue individual interests. This comprehensive approach ensures students receive an all round education, making them adaptable and prepared for diverse challenges.

D Y Patil International Schools: Empowering Young Minds with a Global Perspective
D Y Patil International School’s origin can be traced back to a moment of realization when Dr. Ajeenkya D Y Patil, Chairman & Founder of Ajeenkya D Y Patil Group, envisioned an educational environment designed to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. His vision encompassed a place where students could freely explore their interests, engage in critical thinking, and emerge as responsible global citizens.

With this vision in mind, D Y Patil International School, Worli, was established in 2009 with the primary objective to instill a profound sense of personal achievement, self-confidence, and an enduring love for learning in its students. D Y Patil International Schools takes immense pride in its accomplished and approachable faculty, actively striving for continuous professional development. DYPIS brand works on the principle of Imparting quality education through a carefully designed International Curriculum with state-of-the-art facilities. Schools emphasize the integration of technology through the use of digital learning resources, smart classrooms, and Hi-tech computer labs to enhance the overall educational experience.

The school provides opportunities for global exposure through International collaborations, exchange programs, and participation in International competitions and conferences. This exposure helps students gain a broader perspective and develop a global outlook. Special focus is given to the safety and welfare of students. A safe and nurturing environment is conducive to fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging positive relationships.

The school’s commitment extends beyond personal growth, and a lot of value is given to the involvement of parents in their child’s education. Active engagement of faculty with the parents through regular communication, parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and events ensure a strong partnership between parents and the school. The school employs continuous assessment methods to monitor the progress of each student. Faculty provides regular feedback to students and parents regarding their academic performance and overall development. Overall the Chain of D Y Patil International schools focuses on providing quality education, fostering global competencies, and nurturing well-rounded individuals in a safe and conducive learning environment.

DYPIS places great emphasis on a balanced curriculum that integrates core subjects with life skills and personality development. Incorporating projectbased and experiential learning, the curriculum adapts to evolving educational standards and industry demands. A team of dedicated and qualified educators, well-versed in their subjects, nurture and work towards students’ holistic growth. Continuous professional development programs ensure that the teachers remain at the forefront of educational methodologies.

D Y Patil International School’s journey is marked by a commitment to progressive education that prepares students for the dynamic global landscape. Through collaborative efforts, the institution continues to cultivate excellence in all facets of learning and development.

All the DYPIS schools boast of well-equipped infrastructure to support both academic and extracurricular activities. The school inspires students to excel in various dimensions of their development, including academics, intellectual pursuits, creativity, social engagement, physical well-being, and emotional growth. The goal is to shape students into productive individuals and principled global citizens.

Encouraging the exchange of ideas and maintaining an open atmosphere amongst the students, faculty, parents, and administration are the fundamental ethos on which DYPIS thrives. DYPIS is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing educational environment, offering an intellectually stimulating and developmentally appropriate curriculum, and delivering instructions that encourage the holistic development of each child’s practical, cognitive, physical, social, and moral potential.

DYPIS is a continuously evolving education brand with a current network of 4 schools owned, operated, and managed at Pune, Nerul (Navi Mumbai), Nagpur, and Worli. The flagship DY Patil International School at Antwerp, Belgium is a testimony to the expanding footprints of the brand in the International market with successful operations of Franchisee schools at beautiful locales of Dharmashala in Himachal Pradesh, Satara in Maharashtra, Bokaro Steel City, and Dhanbad in the State of Jharkhand. DYPIS brand of International schools is one of the most respected and trusted names in the K-12 education segment across the country.

ADYPG Healthcare: Affordable healthcare solutions for a healthier nation
ADYPG Healthcare leverages its extensive 35-year expertise in healthcare management and delivery across various specialties to ensure the delivery of state-of-the-art healthcare services marked by unparalleled compassion, exceptional service quality, and cutting-edge technology. The Group is currently in the process of establishing three large healthcare facilities at Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi, with construction at various stages of completion. Each hospital will be a fully equipped, superspeciality General hospital with all the modern facilities, a wide range of services, advanced imaging and diagnostic capabilities, and innovative technology, all aimed at providing timely and high-quality healthcare to the patients.

“Our vision is to serve people and work towards improvement of their overall health and life expectancy. We aim to deliver quality affordable Healthcare to all the stakeholders and our model will function on utilizing Hospitals as the basis for healthcare to reach the masses through technology and community engagement. Our priority is to deliver excellent Healthcare experience to all our patients alongside considerably reducing the average waiting time for the treatment”, signs off Dr. Ajeenkya D Y Patil.