Academy Of Media And Design: Unleashing Creative Talent for UI/UX ExcellenceProfessional Journey

Philip Thomas ,FounderThe UI/UX Training Institutes sector in India is witnessing substantial growth, fueled by the rising demand for skilled design and user experience professionals. The expansion of digital platforms and technology has created a need for individuals proficient in creating user-friendly interfaces. Staying current with evolving design trends and technological advancements presents a significant challenge. Institutes must regularly refresh their curriculum and teaching methods to keep students informed of the latest skills and insights.

Additionally, the ongoing struggle to align academic training with industry needs highlights the importance of practical, hands-on learning experiences. Established in 2018, Academy of Media and Design (AMD) is a leading institute dedicated to shaping India's UI/ UX Training landscape. AMD has revolutionized design education with a visionary Founder, Philip Thomas, and a commitment to bridging the academic-industry gap. It employs a dynamic curriculum, experienced faculty, hands-on learning, industry partnerships, and continuous updates to ensure graduates are equipped with the latest skills, successfully addressing the challenges of ever-evolving trends and industry alignment.

Academy of Media and Design holds a position, as a recognized training partner for the Media and Entertainment Skills Council, which operates under National Council for Vocational Education and Training, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in the government. The Institute’s commitment to aligning courses with the National Skill Qualification Framework is evident as shown by the approval of three diploma programs by the Media and Entertainment Skills Council.

Additionally AMD is a training partner for government agencies in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The institute actively participates in initiatives aimed at improving livelihoods with a focus on marginalized communities like Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. “AMD’s dedication, to inclusivity and empowerment has earned them recognition and appreciation reflecting its core mission”, says Philip.

Shaping Creative Minds
Academy of Media and Design provides a range of courses designed to unlock students’ creative abilities. With an emphasis on learning and real-world involvement, AMD stands out as a hub for developing skills. The institute offers courses such as Advertising Design, User Interface Design, Digital Design, Animation, Visual Effects and Video Production. AMD goes beyond conventional classroom teaching by focusing on workshops, virtual internships, and project-based competitions to enhance the learning experience. "This commitment to education ensures that students acquire the qualities for success in the design industry making AMD a unique and valuable option, for aspiring designers”, speaks Philip.

Academy of Media and Design stands out through its multifaceted UI/ UX training approach. The institute ensures high placement rates by meticulously analyzing industry requirements and offering tailored training to students, minimizing the gap between skills and expectations. To stay current with trends, AMD leverages its partnership with Adobe, fostering collaboration with professionals and industry experts, organizing workshops, and facilitating internships. AMD faculty comprises industry-experienced members who undergo continuous training. AMD's strong ties with industry giants enhance placement opportunities for students, affirming its commitment to providing quality education and industry readiness.

AMD empowers future designers with hands-on learning & industry insights, paving the path to creative excellence philip thomas founder AMD empowers future designers with hands-on learning & industry insights, paving the path to creative excellence

This comprehensive approach ensures AMD students receive a world-class education. AMD envisions an exciting future, aiming to elevate UI/UX training standards continually. Its roadmap includes expanding industry collaborations, enriching curriculum resources, and fostering innovative teaching methods. The institute plans to provide students with the most up-to-date skills and knowledge. AMD also seeks to strengthen its reputation as a talent provider further and uphold its commitment to excellence in UI/UX education. With a focus on industry relevance and evolving trends, AMD is poised to shape a more proficient and forward-thinking generation of designers.