Chilli Pilli Makkala Koota: Implementing Phonetics Pedagogy to Rear Multi Linguistic Pre-Schoolers

A mother tongue is the first language a child learns to converse and express their profound emotions. But with the increased domination of English in every sector, people ceased to speak in their mother tongue and have developed a marked disregard for the fluent native speakers. Suhas Kulhalli (Founder, Chilli Pilli Makkala Koota) encountered a similar linguistic segregation when the foundation educators looked down upon his daughter when confronted that she has a good command over Kannada language. In order to lift-up the lost respect for all native speakers, Suhas started Chilli Pilli in 2017, a preschool space where the children can express their innocence and enjoy their freedom to speak & learn in any language.

New Found Teaching Techniques & Phonetics Programs
Unlike other preschools, this Bangalore based institution offers a unique blend of ‘play & learn’ teaching techniques, crafted under the Montessori concept,‘Follow the child’. The method of teaching is well spaced with three minute settling time, where it encourages conversations to speedup communication and feather off distractions. Instead of over burdening the children with influx of information, it engages them in techniques that are more active for learning mathematics, practicing oral language and others activities.

A major iteration to master any language is to ‘think, sleep, breath and assimilate’. While in a country like India that houses about 122 major languages, it is challenging to grip onto one language at a time. Thus, instead of teaching only English, Chilli Pilli invented a novel technique to build upon a phonological framework, where children can independently organize sound forms into a meaningful language. This training has a promising effect on developing a child’s foundational vocabulary, phonetics awareness and speech readiness, which in turn helps them to learn any language in depth.

Home works are a big ‘No’ at Chilli Pilli.
Instead children are engaged in at home activities where the parents can also participate in the fun way of learning. Suhas adds,“Using their instinctive intelligence, we are creating a pedagogy which will identify the child’s potency, rather than making the process more regimental, which ends in spoon feeding the students”.
Suhas Kulhalli, Founder
Currently providing nursery, pre-LKG, and UKG programs following its own curriculum under the guidance of talented teachers belonging to miscellaneous back grounds, with diverse linguistic proficiency, Chilli Pilli ensures that every teacher understands the concept of the school prior to joining. Chilli Pilli also has a daycare facility where the caregivers are trained of strict safety protocol, thus ensuring complete child safety in the premises.

Chilli Pilli invented a novel technique to build upon a phonological framework, where children can independently organize sound forms into a meaningful language

Engaging Activities for Children
For the holistic development of the child, Chilli Pilli offers a daily dose of drama, music, clay art, freeplay and more. Every festival is celebrated with pomp like flower arrangement for Onam, making clay-idols in Ganesh Chaturthi and participating in role plays like Krishna for Janmashthami to hint them about the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Further, following a unique concept of classroom + play area, Chilli Pilli’s classrooms are attached to an open space with greeneries where the children can enjoy the nature. Each play area is equipped with age appropriate parallel bars, climbers and others where many minisport activities are arranged to take care of the children’s physical well being. Suhas concludes, “We are constantly, engaging, improvising and fine tuning our techniques. In the process, we want to crystallize phonetics program and reach more children with time”.