Wisprout Life: Adding Poise to the Lives of People with Life & Spiritual Coaching

Prashant Gupta, FounderIn this fast-paced world, people are looking at making changes in their lives, especially in their Professional lives to live their dreams or adopt a better alternative in their careers. However more often than not, despite having potential skills to scale their growth in a different domain or lifestyle, they experience a lack of self-confidence to take the leap of faith. Their state of being does not allow them to move forward. However, this mindset can be changed if people can understand themselves and see with clarity. Life & Spiritual coaching sessions play a significant role in people’s transformation journey. Moreover, when driven by the intent of creating a new experience, these sessions can bring about a paradigm shift for any person. Wisprout Life offers precisely the same and helps people do things with ease and confidence that they thought they could never do.

“Most people who undertake a life coaching gain the mental ability to stop over thinking and start feeling lighter. We believe that people have not opened their hearts for a long time, and with our life coaching programs, this can change soon. Spiritual grounding is at the heart of whatever we do”, says Prashant Gupta, Founder, Wisprout Life.

Wisprout Life offers advanced Life, Leadership& Spiritual coaching sessions to bring about fresh perspectives and realizations and help them further build upon these insights and do things they always feared. Established in 2018, Wisprout Life’s strengths lie in its focus on every client, the ways in which it brings a paradigm shift in their lives, most importantly, by offering the freedom to experience the self and unlimited inner potential. The name of the company Wisprout Life means Sprout Your Wisdom and Life, and as the name suggests, the company handholds its clients to understand themselves better and live a life of their choice with clarity through innate wisdom.

The programs offered by the company focus on starting with the spiritual grounding of clients it assists people to have their own unique unhindered experiences

With his company, Prashant works towards helping people to rise above the difficult phases of their lives and manifest inner well being by transforming themselves. The programs offered by the company focus on starting with spiritual grounding it assists people to have their own un ique unhindered experiences. Wisprout strives to reach out to the individuals and help them see where their experiences are coming from.

“I often say that coaching happens when the coach disappears. The key elements of any coaching session for us include the creation of space, awareness, presence, freedom of expression, exploration, and reflection”, Prashant adds.

After completing his MBA in HR and Marketing, Prashant decided to move into IT and worked in the IT field for around 20 years. He worked with several big companies such as HCL Tech and Intel. His experience as a leader in these organizations helped him understand people and interact with his clients with ease. Prashant also loves to write and express his thoughts. He has published his first book, named DO NO MORE,at the end of 2020. The book touches upon the fundamental aspects of life that come in the way of our well-being. ‘If we do not have new experiences, it is not because we are not trying hard, it is just that we have held on to the previous ones,’ he concludes with a quote from his book.